Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson - Founder & CEO

Chris founded MetaBroadcast in 2007 to fulfil his vision of simple video and audio products crafted from high-quality metadata. With in-depth experience of developing strategy and technology for online and offline media, he guides the team in building innovative content navigation and distribution software. His top hats are product and technology design and operation.

Chris’s thinking has been informing industry-wide services and debates for over a decade. He still acts as a consultant, for MetaBroadcast clients and other organisations. Prior to starting his own venture, he worked as Head of Strategy at the BBC, and as a senior consultant across the Media and Technology practices at McKinsey. He led projects involving broadcasters, publishers, TV platforms, independent producers, private equity investors and regulators. His practice was focused on the UK, reaching the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Before McKinsey, Chris worked as developer and PM on a wide range of websites, becoming an entrepreneur in the process. He also built web, DAB, and DTT systems at BBC Research and briefly designed novel phone directories at BT labs. In the distant past, Chris produced sports and music programmes for BBC and independent local radio. He holds an MEng degree in Computer Science and Electronics from Imperial College London.

Chris is a history buff, and likes all that gets a crowd excited—the Olympics, the London marathon, track and road cycling. He also has a passion for cooking. After years perfecting the art of meat brining and sous-vide cooking at home using makeshift contraptions, Chris has dedicated himself recently to smoking food, and barbecuing: in the rain, in December, in Antigua, in IOW—anywhere the mood strikes.

Mirona Iliescu

Mirona Iliescu - UX Lead & COO

Mirona covers experience design and communications, in addition to the more traditional COO portfolio. With a background in computer science and communication sciences, in the past Mirona ran her own image management consultancy, wrote and presented on communication in the digital era, and co-founded a newsletter company.

Mirona has coordinated branding and image projects, built websites, apps and campaigns, created and implemented CSR programs and managed events with thousands of guests including celebrities, international artists, and prime ministers. Among others, she advised Heineken, ING, Nokia, Red Bull and Shell.

At one time or another Mirona also held her own as radio anchor and producer, TV editor, assistant producer and screenplay writer, record industry A&R manager, PR consultant, copywriter, translator, voice over, DJ and… bartender. She was published in Esquire, featured on Tate Liverpool’s poster for its Colour Chart exhibition, and was of the first Londoners to join Twitter in 2006.

In recent years Mirona turned a balcony into an urban garden with hedges, blooms, herbs, trees, fruit, veg and visitors—lately, a hard to spot wren. When not gardening, she’s an eloquent pub regular and dedicated movie buff.

Luke Wesley-Holley

Luke Wesley-Holley - Creative Technologist

Born and schooled in Hull, East Yorkshire, Luke ventured as far as Leeds Met to study Multimedia Technology. A month after finishing the course he was in a web design agency, churning out half day designs and three day builds and drinking 5 mugs of tea a day. 6 months later he joined IMJack as a junior designer but his ability with HTML and CSS cemented his role as UI Developer, converting design to efficient, semantic and accessible code. The whole time maintaining a healthy 4 mugs of tea a day (pint mugs).

In September 2010 Luke moved to London and scoured the internet for a job in the big smoke! He found MetaBroadcast, they met, they talked, one thing led to another and now he’s working hard to deliver bulletproof HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node.js (you get the gist) across every browser you could think of (even IE) while also pushing a few pixels when asked.

When he’s not at MB Towers or working for other ZOOLDN customers, he’s probably watching Formula 1, watching a film, watching Twitter, watching the kettle or watching his back.

Rita Lopes

Rita Lopes - Happiness Lead

With a degree in Organizational Psychology, Rita worked in HR, Strategic Management, and People Development. As a Consultant and Trainer for a Portuguese company, she coached people in public institutes, city halls, central government, healthcare, and communication regulating services. Always finding new things to do and loving a challenge, Rita also did a Masters Degree while juggling projects, clients, and business travel.

Ready for the next big thing, she found becoming a Happiness Officer to be thrilling. What’s not to like about helping people at MetaBroadcast feel really happy about their part in the company and the way things are done? Plus, to be even happier herself, she felt she needed to be in London, so this move was the perfect marriage of two things Rita loves!

As traveling makes her happy, in and from London Rita has continued her flirt with new and different cultures, meeting new people and visiting new places. All the time sending and receiving postcards, like the addict she is.

Garry Wilson

Garry Wilson - Systems Engineer

Born and raised in the tropics of Northern Ireland, Garry studied Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast before setting up a local web design company, and getting to grips with a bit of everything Internet.

Always looking for bigger and more complex challenges, he moved to London in late 2012 and quickly found work at MrSite, learning to manage infrastructure at scale. After being introduced to the MetaBroadcast team, and getting excited at the prospect of working with new technologies to combine two great loves, TV and Internet, he joined the team as a systems engineer.

When not working—or breaking things in the name of making them better—he can usually be found exploring more of London, heading to a cinema, or spending time with friends. True to Irish tradition, he enjoys the occasional drink and is looking forward to some interesting #MetaBeerTalks to come.

Romain Deville

Romain Deville - Product Lead

A product of the French countryside around Reims, Romain studied networking and telecommunications at the University of Savoy, Chambéry. His love for the English language (and the amazing Erasmus programme) enabled him to cross the Channel and study wireless communication systems at Brunel University.

Embracing life in London, Romain became a network engineer for Société Générale. After the joys of working in the IT department of a multinational investment bank and the thrill of expensive technologies, he wanted a greater challenge. His passion for technology (thanks, Super Nintendo!) and Garry‘s Facebook page pointed him in the direction of MetaBroadcast in July 2014. Here he aims to become a badass project manager of online services.

When he’s not looking at a screen, Romain enjoys rollerblading, running, snowboarding, quiz nights at the local pub, and exploring London on his endless quest to find the best burger in town.

Martins Irbe

Martins Irbe - Engineer

Born in Latvia, and relocated to England a few years ago to study computing, Martins has always been passionate about new technology and the never-ending possibilities it offers. Despite having little experience with programming prior to starting studies at the University of Kent, he quickly got sucked in to the world of coding.

Martins hopes that the opportunity to spend time with MetaBroadcast will broaden his knowledge by allowing him to discover and learn something new every day.

When not in school, and not in the office, Martins is hacking around with micro-controllers, gaming, learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thomas McDevitt

Thomas McDevitt - Creative Technologist

Originally from Surrey, Thomas has been all over the world and has lived in three separate countries, as well as many parts of England. Since doing two chemistry-based degrees, he has decided to leave science and pursue a career in IT, and after a year as a QA analyst in Kent, he joined MetaBroadcast’s line-up in August of 2015.

Having spent time living in Malaysia, Thomas has developed a fondness for travel and meeting new people. He has also become close with cuisines from around the world, his favourites being Italian and Thai.

As well as web design techniques, Thomas spends time developing with Linux and learning about cybersecurity technologies. He also enjoys watching and reading about sitcoms, astronomy and history, and spends a great deal of time looking after the two betta fish that live in his home aquarium.

Thomas Maroulis

Thomas Maroulis - Team Lead

Thomas hails from a small town in north-western Greece, with a climate best described as a simultaneously rainier and sunnier version of London’s. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Athens with a specialism in telecommunications, which he found interesting. Then mid-way through, Thomas changed his degree to add a sub-specialism in software development, which he found a lot more than just interesting.

Having discovered his passion, in 2013 Thomas moved to London to do an MSc in Software Engineering at Imperial College, and he has been happily using contactless cards, complaining about the TfL and queuing ever since.

When he’s not reading about refactoring techniques or the pros and cons of some new architecture, Thomas spends his time on a few things. He’s very passionate about food and loves honing his cooking skills, as well as discovering new and unfamiliar cuisines. He is also a space exploration aficionado, part-time musicophile and amateur 5-a-side goalkeeper.

Emils Solmanis

Emils Solmanis - Technology Lead

Emils is originally from Latvia, but considers himself a citizen of the world. Being the child of a rather geeky dad meant he encountered technology very early, one of his first books after learning to read being a children’s BASIC programming book. Having a ZX Spectrum at home to practise that knowledge—and, of course, play games—meant he soon got hooked on the endless potential of software.

Having tried his hand in a range of fields, Emils has found that nowadays his interests mostly lie in scalability and API design. After relocating to London and spending more than a year building the new, he decided it’s time for a new challenge and joined MetaBroadcast.

When not herding code, Emils grows chillies, makes music in various forms—most recently keyboards—, listens to music in and of various forms, and keeps trying to beat his own records in running. He hasn’t given up video games, enjoys art in most expressions of it, and can often be seen doing gallery crawls during weekends, usually capped off by a visit to the cinema.

Phil Giles

Phil Giles - Creative Technologist

Phil hails from the midlands, and found his love for all things web at school where he met Jason. He spent most of the early days in Photoshop learning how to add body kits to cars, or turning photos of his lunch breaks into star wars battles. Before Phil knew it he was knee deep in HTML and CSS.

Phil turned this hobby into a career when he was 17 and got his first job designing and building websites for businesses in the Birmingham area. After 6 years he decided that small town life wasn’t for him anymore, and made the move to London where he met our very own Garry at MrSite, and took the lead designer role. It wasn’t long before Phil made it to his first #MetaBeers and he’s never looked back.

When Phil is not making front-end dreams come true, he can be found attending as many gigs as he can fit in, playing and writing music in his bedroom, collecting records, playing videogames, exploring London, or pretending he knows how to cook.

Adam Millican

Adam Millican - Engineer

Adam joined MetaBroadcast for his year in industry, as part of his degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent. He has a degree in Biomedical Science from Warwick University, but changed paths due to becoming fascinated with technology, programming and artificial intelligence. Between degrees Adam spent a year working and living in Sri Lanka to see more of the world and experience new cultures.

He volunteers as a research assistant for a PhD student at the University of Kent, doing data mining on data related to the genetics of ageing, and has previously worked as a tutor helping teach the first year Computer Science students OOP in their classes. Adam also enjoys socialising and networking at various events in the city, and has a history of martial arts, cycling and travelling.

Dragos Pitica

Dragos Pitica - Engineer

Dragos is a young Romanian and one of the newest members of MetaBroadcast. Acquiring the basics of C/C++ programming in high school, he decided to move to the UK in order to broaden his coding knowledge at the University of Kent. A continuous learner in the world of software, Dragos believes that coming across MetaBroadcast is a stepping stone for his career, and hopes to become a proficient programmer.

As a true scout, he is always ready! and an active person within community. He has been doing voluntary work for 12 years as a member of the National Organization of Romanian Scouts. He also participated successfully in several survival international camps. When he is not in university or lately, in the office, it’s highly likely he’ll be on a last minute trip to Europe, experiencing new cuisines or getting fit in the London life.

Luke Hopkins

Luke Hopkins -

Born to British and French parents, raised in Nigeria and educated in an American international school, Luke was raised with many cultural influences. He has a degree in Politics and Economics and spent half a year in Beijing learning Mandarin. Coming back to the UK, Luke took a job on a computer help desk.

After several years moving towards the backends of computer systems, he is now at MetaBroadcast. Luke is interested in designing and building entirely automated systems that require no manual tweaking to respond to changing situations.

When not working, he likes to watch plays, go to exhibits and cook new recipes. Luke is gamemaster to a group of players who try their hardest to get themselves killed in the stupidest ways possible. On holiday, he likes to ski and has recently discovered scuba diving.

Jamie Coleman

Jamie Coleman - Engineer

Jamie was born and raised in Kent. While studying Computer Science at the University of Kent, he found MetaBroadcast and instantly took a liking to the way the company operated. Four days after applying, Jamie was offered a position for his industry placement.

After spending so much time in the relatively quiet South-East, Jamie was excited to be working in the lively city of London, as well as meeting the new people that came with it. He can’t wait to develop his skills and discover new areas of programming that pique his interest.

In his free time, Jamie likes to climb up and down rocks and walls until his arms stop working. When they regain functionality, he plays acoustic guitar.

Jake Keeys

Jake Keeys - Engineer

Born and raised in the Garden of England, Jake has recently graduated from the University of Kent where he studied Computer Science. MetaBroadcast was recommended regularly by a former employee and close friend and after meeting the team and a day in the office, how could he say no?

During and following his studies, Jake worked through a variety of roles at a technology firm including Consultant, Test Engineer, Software Developer and Infrastructure Support before realising software engineering was the one for him.

In his spare time, Jake can be found taking things apart, experimenting with new technologies, buying things he really does not need, playing games and seeing friends.