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Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson – CEO

Chris founded MetaBroadcast in 2007 to fulfil his vision of simple video and audio products crafted from high-quality metadata. With in-depth experience of developing strategy and technology for online and offline media, he guides the team in building innovative content navigation and distribution software.

Chris's thinking has been informing industry-wide services and debates for over a decade. He still acts as a consultant, for MetaBroadcast clients and other organisations. Prior to starting his own venture, he worked as Head of Strategy at the BBC, and as a senior consultant across the Media and Technology practices at McKinsey. He led projects involving broadcasters, publishers, TV platforms, independent producers, private equity investors and regulators. His practice was focused on the UK, reaching the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Before McKinsey, Chris worked as developer and project manager on a wide range of websites, becoming an entrepreneur in the process. He also built web, DAB, and DTT systems at BBC Research and briefly designed novel phone directories at BT labs. In the distant past, Chris produced sports and music programmes for BBC and independent local radio. He holds an MEng degree in Computer Science and Electronics from Imperial College London.

Chris is a history buff, and likes all that gets a crowd excited (the Olympics, cycling, the London marathon). He also has a passion is cooking. After years perfecting the art of meat brining and sous-vide cooking at home using makeshift contraptions, Chris has dedicated himself recently to smoking food, and barbecuing: in the rain, in December, in Antigua—anywhere the mood strikes.

A photo of Mirona

Mirona Iliescu – COO & Experience Designer

Mirona stepped up as COO in 2010. She had been covering experience design, project management, and communications for a while. With a background in computer science and communication sciences, in the past Mirona ran her own image management consultancy, wrote and presented on communication in the digital era, and co-founded a newsletter company.

Mirona has coordinated branding and image projects, built websites, apps and campaigns, created and implemented CSR programs and managed events with thousands of guests including celebrities, international artists, and prime ministers. Among others, she advised Heineken, ING, Nokia, Red Bull and Shell.

At one time or another Mirona also held her own as radio anchor and producer, TV editor, assistant producer and screenplay writer, record industry A&R manager, PR consultant, copywriter, translator, voice over, DJ and... bartender. She was published in Esquire, featured on Tate Liverpool's poster for its Colour Chart exhibition, and was of the first Londoners to join Twitter in August 2006.

In recent years Mirona turned a large balcony into an urban garden, complete with native hedges, unreliable blooms, tasty herbs, unruly trees, summer fruit and unripe veg, some 200+ live species. When not gardening, she's an eloquent couch potato and dedicated movie buff.

Luke Wesley-Holley

Luke Wesley-Holley – Creative Technologist

Born and schooled in Hull, East Yorkshire, Luke ventured as far as Leeds Met to study Multimedia Technology. A month after finishing the course he was in a web design agency, churning out half day designs and three day builds and drinking 5 mugs of tea a day. 6 months later he joined IMJack as a junior designer but his ability with HTML and CSS cemented his role as UI Developer, converting design to efficient, semantic and accessible code. The whole time maintaining a healthy 4 mugs of tea a day (pint mugs).

In September 2010 Luke moved to London and scoured the internet for a job in the big smoke! He found MetaBroadcast, they met, they talked, one thing led to another and now he's working hard to deliver bulletproof HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node.js (you get the gist) across every browser you could think of (even IE) while also pushing a few pixels when asked.

When he's not at MB Towers or working for other ZOOLDN customers, he's probably watching Formula 1, watching a film, watching Twitter, watching the kettle or watching his back.

Tom McAdam

Tom McAdam – CTO

Tom joined MetaBroadcast after spending 9 years with UBS Investment Bank, some in foreign lands learning a southern drawl. At UBS he went all the way from graduate trainee to Director, developing and managing derivatives trading systems. Tom has now swapped all that for new challenges, as he has a wealth of experience in building large enterprise systems, and an urge to rediscover his taste for the fast paced world of young companies.

Tom is not exactly new to this media lark. He previously ran a web development agency with Chris, in the gold rush early days of the web. It's a legacy that left him maintaining sites and servers for his nearest and dearest to this day, including kindly nudging Mirona to renew her precious domains! He's seen quite a bit and, most importantly, acquired that priceless hands-on experience of making magic happen overnight with unparalleled energy and skill.

Tom graduated from Imperial College with an MEng in Computing, then spent some time travelling the world of people before entering the world of work. It's no surprise then that he loves the great outdoors, either on foot, up the nearest mountain (sadly not near enough to London), or on two wheels around the roads of London, though he really prefers country lanes with fewer bendy buses.

Rita Lopes

Rita Lopes – Happiness Officer

With a degree in Organizational Psychology, Rita worked in Human Resources, Strategic Management and People Development. For the past four years, as a Consultant and Trainer for a Portuguese company, she coached people in public institutes, city halls, central government, health care, and communication regulating services. Always finding new things to do and loving a challenge, Rita also did a Masters Degree while juggling projects, clients, and business travel.

Ready for the next big thing, she found becoming a Happiness Officer to be thrilling. What's not to like about helping people at MetaBroadcast feel really happy about their part in the company and the way things are done? Plus, to be even happier herself, she felt she needed to be in London, so this move was the perfect marriage of two things Rita loves!

As traveling makes her happy, in and from London Rita will continue her flirt with new and different cultures, meeting new people and visiting new places. All the time sending and receiving postcards, like the addict she is.

Garry Wilson

Garry Wilson – Systems Engineer

Born and raised in the tropics of Northern Ireland, Garry studied Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast before setting up a local web design company, and getting to grips with a bit of everything Internet.

Always looking for bigger and more complex challenges, he moved to London in late 2012 and quickly found work at MrSite, learning to manage infrastructure at scale. After being introduced to the MetaBroadcast team, and getting excited at the prospect of working with new technologies to combine two great loves, TV and Internet, he joined the team as a systems engineer.

When not working—or breaking things in the name of making them better—he can usually be found exploring more of London, heading to a cinema, or spending time with friends. True to Irish tradition, he enjoys the occasional drink and is looking forward to some interesting #MetaBeerTalks to come.

Jamie Perkins

Jamie Perkins – Engineer

Jamie is a student from the University of Kent who found MetaBroadcast through a friend while looking for a place to spend his industrial (!) year. After a day in the office, he was convinced that there was no place he’d rather get his first taste of said industry.

Growing up in Kent, the so-called garden of England, Jamie is incredibly happy to be a part of the friendly and energetic team, working in the wonderful city of London. He is excited by the chance to learn how to build efficient and scalable back-ends, create clean and concise code, and find out the things you just can't get from a university education.

When he’s not working, Jamie enjoys web and visual design; making pretty websites that no one has any use for, as well as being a keen reader of all things technology and history and a lover of horror films.

Steve Rydz

Steve Rydz – Creative Technologist

Steve came to the web via his previous life as an independent musician. After deciding MySpace wasn't enough for his needs, he built his first website, figuring it out as he went along. Over the next years he learned more about web fundamentals and started building websites for friends, family and eventually local businesses.

After moving to London in 2011, Steve landed his first full-time web job as a UI developer at a large agency, and soon moved on to become a front-end developer at Easyart. Steve's time there helped him figure out where he wanted to focus on JavaScript. When he came across MetaBroadcast, he knew he'd found the place where he could make that happen.

When not using his laptop, Steve can be found walking ridiculously long distances around London with his Wife, and trying out new vegan/vegetarian eateries.

Romain Deville

Romain Deville – Project Manager

A product of the French countryside around Reims, Romain studied networking and telecommunications at the University of Savoy, Chambéry. His love for the English language (and the amazing Erasmus programme) enabled him to cross the Channel and study wireless communication systems at Brunel University.

Embracing life in London, Romain became a network engineer for Société Générale. After the joys of working in the IT department of a multinational investment bank and the thrill of expensive technologies, he wanted a greater challenge. His passion for technology (thanks, Super Nintendo!) and Garry's Facebook page pointed him in the direction of MetaBroadcast in July 2014. Here he aims to become a badass project manager of online services.

When he’s not looking at a screen, Romain enjoys rollerblading, running, snowboarding, quiz nights at the local pub, and exploring London on his endless quest to find the best burger in town.

Martins Irbe

Martins Irbe – Engineer

Born in Latvia, and relocated to England a few years ago to study computing, Martins has always been passionate about new technology and the never-ending possibilities it offers. Despite having little experience with programming prior to starting studies at the University of Kent, he quickly got sucked in to the world of coding.

Martins hopes that the opportunity to spend time with MetaBroadcast will broaden his knowledge by allowing him to discover and learn something new every day.

When not in school, and not in the office, Martins is hacking around with micro-controllers, gaming, learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thomas Maroulis

Thomas Maroulis – Engineer

Thomas hails from a small town in north-western Greece, with a climate best described as a simultaneously rainier and sunnier version of London's. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Athens with a specialism in telecommunications, which he found interesting. Then mid-way through, Thomas changed his degree to add a sub-specialism in software development, which he found a lot more than just interesting.

Having discovered his passion, in 2013 Thomas moved to London to do an MSc in Software Engineering at Imperial College, and he has been happily using contactless cards, complaining about the TfL and queuing ever since.

When he's not reading about refactoring techniques or the pros and cons of some new architecture, Thomas spends his time on a few things. He's very passionate about food and loves honing his cooking skills, as well as discovering new and unfamiliar cuisines. He is also a space exploration aficionado, part-time musicophile and amateur 5-a-side goalkeeper.

Thomas McDevitt

Thomas McDevitt – Creative Technologist

Originally from Surrey, Thomas has been all over the world and has lived in three separate countries, as well as many parts of England. Since doing two chemistry-based degrees, he has decided to leave science and pursue a career in IT, and after a year as a QA analyst in Kent, he joined MetaBroadcast's line-up in August of 2015.

Having spent time living in Malaysia, Thomas has developed a fondness for travel and meeting new people. He has also become close with cuisines from around the world, his favourites being Italian and Thai.

As well as web design techniques, Thomas spends time developing with Linux and learning about cybersecurity technologies. He also enjoys watching and reading about sitcoms, astronomy and history, and spends a great deal of time looking after the two betta fish that live in his home aquarium.

Atish Nazir

Atish Nazir – Team Lead

An actual Londoner from London who hasn't actually left, 'tish has had a varied tech career ranging from hardware and device driver design, smart-phone operating systems internals (way before they became cool), the Flash runtime, TV set-top boxes and architecting secure application execution environments. The overriding recurring theme for him has always been the opportunity to work on interesting and hard problems with smart, motivated people.

'tish has soft spots for TDD, cryptography, whiteboards, cramming PIC micro-controllers into unexpected places, his AeroPress and self experimentation. An intermittent contributor to various Open Source projects over the years, he has resolved to give more back to the community this year.

At home 'tish has a lovely family (only a small amount of bias here). When not singing the theme tune to "Raa Raa the Noisy Lion" and building vast towers of Duplo destined for toddler-reconfiguration, he is a keen tri-athlete and is slowly building towards one of those really long races where you can get a red stickman tattoo and license to eat a mountain of pizza at the end.

Alvaro Llamojha

Alvaro Martinez Llamojha – Systems Engineer

Born in Spain to parents born in Peru, Alvaro was raised as half Spanish, half Peruvian. After studying the Development of Computer Applications in Madrid, he decided to do an internship in UK as a sure way to see the world.

After two years as a systems integration engineer and one year as a software engineer of air traffic systems, Alvaro looked forward to new challenges. Luckily, this coincided with finding MetaBroadcast, and so he made the jump from Southampton to London, while also going back to his first love as a systems engineer.

When he’s not looking for new music bands and aiming to see three gigs a month, Alvaro can be found in a coffee shop reading, looking for the perfect mocca coffee, cooking Peruvian food or mixing cocktails, and playing videogames. He also loves travelling; having been round Europe, Japan and Peru, his next target is Route 66 in the US.

Dias Saparov

Dias Saparov – Engineer

Being born in USSR (a year before its collapse, but still relevant), Dias considers himself a Soviet man. He was raised in the rough steppes of Kazakhstan, yet this doesn’t say anything about him. Dias spent several years studying in various cities, including Moscow. After that he came to the UK to get a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent.

Finally, Dias realised how tired he was of being a student, and how desperately he needed to start his professional career. He was very happy to join the MetaBroadcast team, as it seems to be a perfect place for him. Now the journey of Dias begins!

His pastimes include walking the streets of big cities at length, in search of unusual finds, football in any of its forms, occasional gym visits and continuous time wasting activities in all shapes and colours.

Timothy Sum Hon Mun

Timothy Sum Hon Mun – Engineer

Born and bred in Malaysia, Timothy first came to the UK in 2011 for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with Actuarial Science. Alongside maths, he'd always had a passion for software, and a final year project involving R and bits of programming sealed Timothy's fate. He soon started an MSc in Computer Science Conversion at the University of the Kent, with little to no coding experience, and has been loving it since.

Timothy is looking forward to further develop his skills and knowledge in the field of computing during his time with MetaBroadcast. He's all about learning, and working on hands-on projects.

When not at the computer or studying coding, Timothy enjoys watching TV series and competitive gaming, playing games himself, a spot of badminton and skiing, and travelling to new places.

Emils Solmanis

Emils Solmanis – Engineer

Emils is originally from Latvia, but considers himself a citizen of the world. Being the child of a rather geeky dad meant he encountered technology very early, one of his first books after learning to read being a children's BASIC programming book. Having a ZX Spectrum at home to practise that knowledge—and, of course, play games—meant he soon got hooked on the endless potential of software.

Having tried his hand in a range of fields, Emils has found that nowadays his interests mostly lie in scalability and API design. After relocating to London and spending more than a year building the new Last.fm, he decided it's time for a new challenge and joined MetaBroadcast.

When not herding code, Emils grows chillies, makes music in various forms—most recently keyboards—, listens to music in and of various forms, and keeps trying to beat his own records in running. He hasn't given up video games, enjoys art in most expressions of it, and can often be seen doing gallery crawls during weekends, usually capped off by a visit to the cinema.

Lavanya Jeyaratnam

Lavanya Jeyaratnam – Engineer

Lavanya, born in Sri Lanka, moved to West Sussex at a young age to pursue her dreams and expand her horizons. She studied AI with Software Engineering at the University of Edinburgh to quench her curiosity.

After graduation, Lavanya worked as a Software Engineer at Mainstream Data. Her passion for challenge pushed Lavanya to look for opportunities in London and she stopped at MetaBroadcast, where she hopes to expand and hone skills by solving difficult problems.

When not engrossed by a computer screen, Lavanya enjoys spending her time by baking cup cakes, reading a good mystery book, watching a good horror movie, or letting her creative side take over in crafting teddy bears and painting.



Lee Denison

Lee Denison

As a founding member of MetaBroadcast, Lee built the first version of Atlas and the BBC Social Media Guide. His work on these early yet pivotal projects informed our efforts from 2007 to 2011. Meanwhile, Lee followed his love of open source by joining world leader, Red Hat, and, following a hop to Google, crossed the ocean to San Fran in 2013.

Dr. Robert Chatley

Dr. Robert Chatley

Rob came to MetaBroadcast via Google, Kizoom and Imperial. He worked on Atlas, our first SN integration and our Agile process. Today Rob is a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial, and the University of Oxford.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Ben joined MetaBroadcast from the BBC and helped ship the first crystallised Atlas, and the first form of Voila. With Ben, bitches, banter and burritos reigned supreme, so we hope they do at Yammer, too.

Beth Hillier

Beth Hillier

With a BA in Economics and Politics, Beth helped MetaBroadcast in the summer of 2011, and infused technology into her skill set before fleeing to Spain. She is with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office today.

John Ayres

John Ayres

John joined MetaBroadcast twice, to work on Atlas, SN integration, and real time data visualisation. He has an Imperial 1st class MEng in Computing, and is keen on grammar, musicals, cricket, olives, Google.


Alex Masters

With a BA in Int'l Relations and Politics, at MetaBroadcast Alex was the first: office manager, kiwi, and travel bug victim. Today she could be house sitting in NYC, working with orphans in Nepal, skiing in Turkey.

Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor

With a Digital Media BC, Grace hit MetaBroadcast via NZ, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France. But medical school got her angry pants & sunny disposition back to NZ via Denmark St., Amsterdam, Berlin.

Lucy Turner

Lucy joined MetaBroadcast from North NZ, via Hawaii, prepared for both extremes of London weather and looking to upgrade her media skills. A Bachelor of Dance is another ace up the sleeve of this PA/ TA.

Dan Bell

Dan Bell

At MetaBroadcast, Bornmouth graduate Dan advanced Voila and was our go-to, underground acts DJ. Before inventing a device for keeping hair out of his eyes, he went to Springer and got a haircut.

Chris Keeley

Chris Keeley

Keeley came to MetaBroadcast for his Imperial College industrial placement, and is responsible for the first concerted effort at monitoring equivalence in Atlas, as well as our only brush with caving.

Sergio Bossa

Sergio Bossa

A Sicilian via Rome, Sergio joined MetaBroadcast as a long time open source believer and contributor. He worked on the early stages of moving Atlas to Cassandra, then went on to fully embrace Datastax.

Andy Toone

Andy Toone

Having developed an Android TV Guide using Atlas, Andy worked closer with MetaBroadcast. With 15+ years of Java for the likes of Vodafone and Cancer Research UK, he also loved picking up new technologies.

Augusto Uehara

Augusto Uehara

Augusto came to MetaBroadcast from Sao Paulo, via Citigroup, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, community involvement and working with a U.S. startup. While here he learned NoSQL, and became a British citizen.

Jonathan Tweed

Jonathan Tweed

Jonathan joined MetaBroadcast from the BBC, and was instrumental in scoping Atlas 4, shipping Atlas 3 and shaping our API design thinking. He also gave us prototypes, photos, and (fish as) post-holiday treats.

Adam Horwich

Adam Horwich

Adam joined MetaBroadcast from StreamUK, and built our devops and monitoring processes, mastering a host of tools and APIs. He baked us endless indulgent desserts, and turned us into hubot pug me addicts.

Clément Chaine

Clément Chaine

Formerly a Java developer in France, Clément joined MetaBroadcast as PM and worked on broadcast metadata ingest specifications and prototypes. We loved his faking French lesson: use putain extensively.

Liam Green-Hughes

Liam Green-Hughes

Liam joined MetaBroadcast from the OU, to build prototypes on top of Atlas, its YouTube support, and the first Atlas Admin. He loved the industry, web series, Android, hockey, librarians and Sweden.

Fred van den Driessche

Fred van den Driessche

With a 1st class MEng in Computing from Imperial College, at MetaBroadcast Fred built Leaf and the core of Atlas Deer. He was instrumental in our implementation of equivalence, and beer o'clock.

Adam Yeats

Adam Yeats

At MetaBroadcast, Adam was a Node.js developer and evangelist of JavaScript who loved difficult problems and nice cups of tea. He cared for Connected TVs, and advocated the Offline First! movement.

Oana Cocarascu

Oana Cocarascu

Now a PhD student at Imperial College DoC, Oana completed an internship and an industry placement with MetaBroadcast. We're happy to report both sides thought everything was awesome ;)

James Kember

James Kember

James started programming games at 15, and later took an A.I. course at Essex. At MetaBroadcast he enjoyed working on recommendation algorithms, before his native, sunny Dover pulled him back home.

Massimiliano Tomassi

Max Tomassi

Born in, and returned to bella Roma, Max's stint in London saw him join MetaBroadcast to build parts of Atlas and Engage. He preached about true pizza, homemade Italian sweets, basketball (!) and rock'n'roll.

Oliver Hall

Oliver Hall

Oliver came to MetaBroadcast with a MEng in Computing from Imperial College London. Here he was instrumental in building Atlas and its integrations with the world, while balancing his love for cake and gym.

Sophie Chitty

Sophie Chitty

Sophie spent years on projects to do with recycling rubbish... until she decided it was a waste, and she'd rather get her hands dirty learning to code. At MetaBroadcast she worked on Voila's admin features.

Zach Bagnall

Zach Bagnall

From the wilds of New Zealand, Zach landed at MetaBroadcast in 2014. He was instrumental in onboarding major clients onto Voila, and a fan of scripting, skiing, monitoring, cycling, and new coffee/cake venues.

Dan Govan

Dan Govan

A half-Spanish, part Italian Scot, Dan discovered making websites while studying mech eng at Warwick. Now an agency-side front-end dev based in London, at MetaBroadcast he built client and Voila interfaces.

Tim Spurling

Tim Spurling

With an Imperial College education, Tim joined MetaBroadcast in late 2013. Here he worked on custom client projects and infrastructure, as well as ‘sanity’ and the right balance between humans and machines.

Will Berg

Will Berg

A true Londoner, Will holds a MEng from Imperial College, and splits his passion between computing and music (though we think he should be an actor). At MetaBroadcast he built APIs for video curation in education, and helped advance Voila.

Adam Beck

Adam Beck

Once upon a time in Canada, Adam swapped cattle and tractors for HTML and Photoshop. He arrived at MetaBroadcast in London straight from Cineplex in Toronto, and proceeded to moodboard and styleguide the former within an inch of its cattiness.

Wojtek Wajerowicz

Wojtek Wajerowicz

Wojtek joined MetaBroadcast with an MSc from the Technical University of Lodz (via València and Virginia), and a track record of big data analytics with VisualDNA. Here he worked mainly on Atlas, biking and pub quizes.

Al Morton

Al Morton – Creative Technologist

Hailing from Cornwall (but not actually born there), Al had done various things before deciding to take the great leap and go and study Japanese at University. After that, he taught English in Tokyo, having an amazing time living and working in the capital city of Japan.

Always holding an interest in computers and IT, Al decided it was time for a career change and re-educated in computer science, finally learning how to code. After catching the bug, he is always looking for ways to improve his code, either through self-study or by asking far more experienced developers. Working at MetaBroadcast is going to be one amazing ride of learning and self-discovery.

In his spare time Al likes to play bass guitar and guitar. He is also an avid runner and is constantly training in order to close in on his goal of running a marathon.

Jason Howmans

Jason Howmans – Creative Technologist

Straight out of the midlands, Jason first started tinkering with the web during his high school days, building websites for local bands and for other mischievous purposes we won't mention here. It wasn't long until he taught himself server side technologies and learned more about the intricacies of the web.

After deciding University wasn't for him, Jason started working on projects for local web shops. This eventually led him to Spain where he built gambling websites for William Hill Online in Gibraltar. He later decided London was the place to be, and took on the role of lead designer at MrSite. This is where he met Garry, who would later show him the light that is MetaBroadcast. The rest is history.

When he's not wrestling with code or pixels, Jason can be found exploring London, strumming on his guitar, trying to keep up with technology news, reading, learning to cook, playing frisbee with friends, working out at the gym, drawing, playing retro videogames, playing modern videogames, or sleeping.

Nuno Veiga

Nuno Veiga – Product Lead

Nuno can't remember a time when he didn't love technology. One of his earliest memories is of glomping the huge Sega Mega Drive he got the day it was released in Portugal. Along with being a Dungeon Master, he filled his days with video, board, and strategy games. Eventually, he found himself studying Computer Science at NOVA University of Lisbon.

Eight years were spent on that degree. He completed all social sciences credits, played several leading roles in theatre productions, was in the student council, worked as a Systems Administrator... and never actually finished the degree. Something *clearly* wasn't right. When he identified the connecting thread of all the fibres in him as being people, everything changed.

He shuffled his life around, prodded by MetaBroadcast's own Happiness Officer, and moved to England to study Business Administration and Marketing. He's been a resident guest to the monthly #MetaBeers, and after a year managing marketing in the fashion industry, he decided it was time to fuse his dual passion for people and technology.

Tiffany Little

Tiffany Little – Office Genie

Tiffany happened upon MetaBroadcast aided by a kick and a shove from a well meaning friend, and at once she got excited by the prospect of making wishes come true and helping make everyone happy. Living with the ethos that every day’s a school day, she can't wait to know all about metadata, in parallel with her genie duties.

Tiffany has 5 years of top notch administrative experience under her belt, the last 3 of which were spent with EDF Energy planalysing and kidnapping executives. With a stack of serious qualifications and a desire for things to be flexible, fast and fluid, she seems destined to start granting people wishes.

When not a genie, Tiffany can be found neck deep in oil paint, drinking tea, dancing, taking photos, striking poses, humming and drinking... yet more tea. She’s rather fond of Neil Gaiman, starting with why, keyboards point and click adventures, pylons, robots and ninja art.



Robert Trott

Robert Trott

Robert Trott is a writer and director with a geeky appetite for all types of media. Tackling all subjects from loneliness, friendship, and sexually insecure adult toys, Rob was introduced to MetaBroadcast via its very own Office Genie. FUN FACT: when giving his first #MetaBeers talk he perspired over a pint of sweat!*

*may not be factually accurate.

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