Alvaro Martinez Llamojha

youtube gaming

The first time I heard about ‘YouTube Gaming’ I thought of a YouTube section similar to Twitch where the gamers can stream their gameplay. I was wrong. Youtube Gaming is a dedicated to games, including videos, streaming, and entire channels dedicated to games.

what is in here?

I will give you a quick tour around the YouTube Gaming interface: the left panel has ‘Games’: my games, trending and popular. The right is home to ‘Channels’, both my favourite and featured. The body of the page is divided between a video carousel for trending videos and tournaments, recommendations, live, spotlight and trending.


In my previous blog post about Twitch I gave a special mention to the importance of metadata. Youtube has been working with metadata in order to improve the search for the videos. Here are two articles to improve the visibility of your videos by using metadata: Make the most of your metadata and Metadata is vital for your videos to be discovered on YouTube.

my own experience

So after my misjudgement about the purpose of Youtube Gaming I decided to dig into it and found and amazing interface as I mentioned above. Nowadays I’m using YouTube Gaming every time that I’m looking for gameplays or game reviews and I will highly recommend YouTube Gaming for this purpose.

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