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working with the internet video archive api

The Internet Video Archive contains metadata about over 100,000 movies. With such a wealth of information we were keen to have it in Atlas, so I’ve recently been working on that. IVA has a valuable data about movies such as release date, duration, actors, director, and other valuable information.

IVA provides quite good documentation that can be referred to when using their API. However, if you’re interested in using IVA’s API, I thought you could be interested what you can get out of it. A free account is rate-limited to 1,000 requests per hour, and it can be used by only one application which is still good if you are building a small application on top of IVA’s API however if you require to make more request—the paid version allows 10,000 requests per hour. Additionally the paid version gives you direct URLs to video resources while in the free version you get URLs to an embedded video player. Furthermore, if you want to make use of high-res images, then paid version provides an access to a multitude of image resolutions while the free version only provides the low-res images that are of size 320×240 pixels.

data model

What I liked the most about the API is that it has quite a solid data model and it’s quite easy to pick up the API response and extract the necessary data. For example, people attributes come with separate fields for the first and last name.

It has been quite a straightforward process to work with the IVA API, especially due to the good documentation. I was able to start making requests to the API in few minutes. With a collection of more than 100,000 movies, it’s a superb resource for images and videos.

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