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Chris Jackson

why we love metadata

I was honored to be invited to speak at the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network Metadata event today. Here at MetaBroadcast we’ve built quite a few things with metadata. In my presentation, I took the opportunity to explain why we focus on this area, and to run through what we’ve learned while building the video & audio index Atlas, our interaction metadata tools, and numerous services and prototypes on top.

Lots of people see metadata as dull—the stuff of librarians, rather than start-ups. We look at it with a level of excitement that has only increased in the past four years. Compared to video and audio, metadata is cheap to handle, store, and distribute, and there are many more possibilities and opportunities around it. Inside the presentation you’ll find more reasons as to why we love metadata.

Update, October 6th 2010: And here is the video version of my presentation, as recorded and published by KTN. It’s a tad over 15 minutes and a more thorough experience. Enjoy!

Chris Jackson Talk from Creative Industries KTN on Vimeo.

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