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why the internet is the most powerful genie of all…

…or how neil gaiman made me cry

MetaBroadcast are very adept are granting the wishes of their clients, this means I’m in good company. I joined MetaBroadcast to grant wishes; granted wishes make people happy and I like being around happy people, whether they’re friends or colleagues or a delightful mixture of both (I guess I’m selfish that way). To a technically obtuse individual such as myself it seems to me that the team are able to bend the power of the internet to their every whim; this is very exciting. I wanted to take some time to mull over with you, how people shape the internet and through them, how the internet is redefining the various ways we approach well, pretty much everything!

bzzz … bzzz – gotcha!!!

For me personally, there is a very fine line between ‘wishes’ and ‘dreams’ and there is something I find incredibly exciting about seeing a dream come true, something imagined becoming tangible. This probably ties into the fact that I spend a lot of my free time painting and drawing. There are few moments as satisfying as when you chase down and manage to corner the idea that has been buzzing around your head for the last three weeks and pin it to paper.

In fact, the only thing that probably even comes close, is when someone looks at that recently confined concept and they react to it. They may understand it, challenge it, love it or hate it without quite knowing why but the connection they make in that moment is very special and has the potential to be very powerful… especially when you add the internet into the mix.

the realities of dreamland

The reality is that dreams are very rarely unique BUT this is a very positive thing; Martin Luther King had a dream yet without the support of the hundreds of thousands people that shared it the chances of it being made reality were sadly slim.

How many times have you and your friends been chatting and suddenly someone has come up with an INCREDIBLE AND AWESOME* idea for a book/ film/ game/ band/ business/ life choice that you all know heart and soul is amazinggg but will never see the light of day?

It’s just that quite often once something pops into your head, if you talk to enough people you are bound to find someone who:

  • ‘Gets it’ and are as equally excited about it as you are

  • Already had the same idea

  • Has another idea that would work pretty well with yours

However, when hatching these plots over a pint in your local you’ll quite often find that one of the following spanners lodges itself firmly in the works:

Progress killer uno, Visibility—no one will ever understand how awesome your idea is unless they can see it for themselves, coo over it and say ‘ahh man, that’s awesome’.

Dos, Skillset/ Supplies/ Man power—or more precisely a distinct lack of. It’s all very well envisioning a revolutionary flying machine but unless you can get access to the materials, the knowhow and labour to put it together you’re likely to come a cropper.

Tres, Funding—it’s often extremely difficult to get your hands on any of the above unless you have a serious amount of cold hard cash to back you up and in a horrific turn of events, unless you have at least one of the first two under your belt, no one is likely to dip into their penny pots to help you out.

It’s visibility we’re going to be looking at today, so…

enter the internets

When it comes to genies there are none so powerful as the INTERNET and yes all these capital letters are completely necessary. Caps lock is enabling me to demonstrate how epic a thing the INTERNET really is, because when you deal with it daily you tend to take it for granted.

The reason the INTERNET (ok ok, I’ll stop now) is the coolest kid in the wish granting class is because in recent years it has taken stock of these tired conventional constraints, sniggered and flipped them the bird.

my space or yours…

I think the first time I really began to understand how the internet was beginning to reshape traditional methods of doing business was a short while after I joined myspace. At the time the platform was pretty much unrivalled by any other in terms of community and the way it was enabling musicians to reach their community; the visibility issue was entirely negated. With this expanse of musical talent sprang up a new wave of promotions companies and independent record labels pulled together by savvy self starters.

This influx of new business ventures wasn’t just specific to music either. With highly customisable profiles (provided you were handy with HTML), myspace provided a footing for clothing lines, second hand goods, photography services and more. It was exceedingly useful as a portfolio or showcase for various work because unlike a personal website, it also allowed for each ‘business’ or ‘brand’ to build a community and those nigh on cult-like followings demonstrated their support by incorporating the banners of their chosen favourite into their profile promoting the to their network of likely similarly minded and driven individuals.

Fast forward to present day and I’ll be honest, I’ve forgotten all about myspace. My profile has gone unchecked for many a year and I have a horrible feeling that if I did take a peek at it now the outpourings of my teen self would make me long for a very large, very deep black hole to appear and swallow me up. DON’T YOU DARE GO LOOKING FOR IT EITHER. Some things are best left alone *shudder*. The reason I and many others have forgotten about myspace is because there are now so many bespoke platforms out there that are tailored to purpose: Deviantart, Soundcloud, Etsy and where myspace has tried so desperately to maintain its footing in all the various niches, it has become rather complicated and to my mind, decidedly unfriendly.

While the wealth of new platforms available is amazing, visibility is now once again an issue or at least it would be, if it wasn’t for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr—separate services that readily integrate with a multitude of platforms once again allow people to filter and sieve out those little golden nuggets they were looking for; whether it’s an article, a product, an idea or a dream.

In my next post I’ll be looking at the second progress killer and how these platforms have become highly efficient tools for leaping any hurdles it may place on the the path to dreamland. I’ll also get around to how Neil Gaiman managed to get me, an all powerful genie, to shed a tear ^_- .

* how incredible and/ or awesome is often proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed by the point the idea is suggested.
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