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what if you need an atlas api key in the middle of the night?

Update, 17 March 2017: Please note there have been subsequent changes to Atlas access which render some of the post and updates below obsolete.

Update, 14 March 2014: You can now create and manage your own Atlas API key. Read the instructions on our blog.

We have some exciting changes in the pipeline that will make obtaining and using an API key for Atlas, our audiovisual metadata service, much easier. At the moment you can obtain an API key by sending us an email and we let you know the terms and conditions and set you up with a key. Similarly, configuring the key to include, remove or request access to sources currently has to be done by us. This isn’t an ideal arrangement, so we’re working on new functionality that will enable you log into Atlas and do this all yourself.

There is a lively developer community making use of Atlas to make all sorts of applications ranging from major websites, ideas for the next “killer” app to smaller programs meant for just personal use. We’ve been seeing an increase in the number of requests for API keys as Atlas gains popularity. We are hoping that the introduction of a new self-service “admin” area of Atlas will speed up obtaining and configuring an API key so you can get straight on with you application without the need to wait for us.

self service atlas admin

You will be able to log in to this using your Twitter account (so no extra password to remember!). Once you log in for the first time you will need to fill out a for with a few basic details so we can contact you.

In the admin area you will be able to create and configure API keys for your applications. You will also be able to configure any existing keys that you have set up. This will be very useful as it will be possible to decide which sources you want to include in your data and also if you want to merge data from different sources together.

You will be able to add many sources straightaway, however some sources are not free and may need us to arrange access for you. In this case it will be really easy for you to request access to these sources and this will automatically put you in contact with us so we can get you set up as soon as possible.

we hope this will help!

We hope you will like these changes and they will make using Atlas a similar experience for developers to using many other APIs. What do you think about these changes? Let us know with a tweet or in the comments below!

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