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watchsomething.tv: ten times more subscriptions than likes/ favorites

One of the major lessons learned from running watchsomething.tv in the last months has been that ten times more users chose subscribing to a channel over liking/ favoring a video out of context—even if the latter allows them to build their own channel. We have firmly believed in subscriptions being more valuable to viewers than anything else offered so far in online TV, but being able to asses just how much more valuable they are, whoa! Did we envision such a crushing difference?

Of course, these are early days. 10x, as a figure, is current, and in the context of similar services, yet an amazing find nevertheless. Sky is the limit if you combine that with another key learning, that people viewed twice as many videos, on average, than in our previous TestTubeTelly experiment, and with the major lesson of the TTT project, that views of one broadcaster’s content increase as much as 40% in the context of content from other broadcasters. For more tasty finds from watchsomething.tv, check Chris‘s presentation.

Update: YouTube’s new watch design, rolled out globally today, also stresses the importance of subscriptions: The video uploader’s screenname is now more prominently featured above the video, as is the ‘Subscribe’ button […]. Subscription in prime position? Its future looks solid, and we’ll be working hard and with much gusto to bring this option to more users. Speaking of which, why don’t you watch something?

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