WANTED: star front-end developer

If you’re an HTML & CSS maverick that can successfully wrestle browsers into submission, we’d like to meet you. If you’re also coding fast and elegant JavaScript with your eyes closed, we could become best friends. And if you have a weak spot for wireframing, visual design, typography, web standards, mobile apps, Flash or Java, we might keep you around for longer.

MetaBroadcast needs your skills and enthusiasm for two weeks at the start of October. You will help our four developers and two product managers deliver a couple of exciting projects, set to change lives and make web history in the process. All from our Central London headquarters, where great minds and spacious whiteboards meet excellent coffee and juicy apples.

And if the soundtrack in the office leads to falling in love, we might have to make it permanent. To begin the journey, dust thy portfolio and tell @gorgeoux why you are our girl or guy.

undecided apples

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