Tom McAdam

voila: new annotations for hydrated content

We’re always looking to improve our APIs and ensure that the data returned in an API call matches the data required by our clients, so that pages can be constructed with as few calls as possible, generally a single one. To that end, we’ve recently added a couple of new features to Voila.

I’ve written before about annotations, which allow you to control the data returned to have Voila give you just what you need and no more. These new features are enabled with the annotations upcoming_subitems_detail and available_subitems_detail. When they are provided on a content call for a brand, the next 5 upcoming broadcasts or episodes with on-demand availability will be returned, respectively. Here’s an example of using the upcoming_subitems_detail annotation for the brand cf2, EastEnders:,brand_summary,upcoming_subitems_detail

You’ll see there’s a new key, upcoming_items_detail, that contains pairs of items and broadcasts. Similarly, using the available_items_detail will cause a key available_items_detail to be returned containing up to 5 items available on-demand.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be refining these annotations and looking at any more we can add, details of which will appear in the API guide as they get rolled out. Do drop us a line if you’ve any suggestions for new ones that would make your life easier.

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