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voila a-z: f is for films

To continue our Voila A-Z series, F is for Films provides a great example of how some of the systems work together.

finding fantastically fitting films

Content discovery is the term used for the process of finding new shows to watch. This is often done by word of mouth between friends and colleagues, but there are some other interesting approaches that can be provided by Voila.

  • We can check out the content people have been watching.
  • Similarly, we can check a user’s action history and recommend shows based on what the user has interacted with.
  • Content that many people are simultaneously checking out will be picked up by buzz which we can then put forth to other users.

Something I’ll avoid mentioning in detail here is that much of this information gets processed and returned by suggestions. We’ll surely write about this in the future – but there are a lot of letters between F and S, so stay tuned!

The ‘Discover’ view in the YouView app.

films for fabulous fees

Once a desired film has been found, it gets purchased. A user who has finished a transaction is now entitled to the content and this information gets recorded in Voila. At a later point, should the user try to access any content, Voila can easily be queried for whether or not the user is still entitled – that they own it or any subscriptions haven’t expired.

The Martian on Amazon Instant Video.

finding fun from films

Watching films is great – no one can deny this. Of course, much of what the system will aim to do while users view content is keep track of key details so that we can start the cycle of content discovery again. Once more for this purpose, watching, repeat watching, rating and clicking links around content can be recorded in actions. Voila can also record positions, allowing the system to keep track of how far through any given content the user has watched. This obviously means they can return to it more easily but also that recommendations can be further enriched with subsequent episodes in current series in progress.

Once again, we’ve not written about this endpoint yet but we’re certainly looking forward to writing more about the great things in Voila!

A scene from The Simpsons Movie.


Hopefully you can see how easy it is to use Voila to offer great services to clients hoping to find and obtain great movies and TV shows. We’ll certainly continue writing about the things Voila has to offer – and if you have any suggestions or requests, do send them our way. We’d love to hear your opinions about how Voila works.

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