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Wojtek Wajerowicz

v is for vod

Continuing with the Atlas A-Z series: V for VoD

In the recent years, with the rise of the likes of Netflix and Amazon Instant Prime Video, video on demand is getting more and more popular. Schedules remain a major mechanism for content discovery, but locations of on-demand content are important, too. That’s why Atlas also supports them.

To retrieve data about content on-demand availability and locations, simply add locations annotation to your call. For example:


This should give you output similar to:

As you can see, this gives you not only the location of the content, but also the availability dates, price and the revenue contract (whether it’s pay to buy or pay to rent).

Locations are also merged by equivalence so even if you request schedule data you’ll also be able to see where given content is available on demand.

Let us know if you’d like to know more about VoD data in Atlas.

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