Chris Jackson

uriplay code released free/open source

We’re pleased to announce that the source code for URIplay is now available under the Apache 2.0 License. URIplay is an open media metadata aggregator about which we’ve written on this blog previously.

The BBC have provided loads of support for the URIplay project, and own copyright to much of the code. The team over at RAD Labs have worked hard to ensure that BBC code can be released this way. You can read more on the RAD Labs blog.

MetaBroadcast is actively developing URIplay to support a number of commercial projects. Our latest (near-daily…) updates will remain licensed under Apache 2.0, with the goal of encouraging a community of contributors.

Check out the source over on the URIplay Google Code project for today’s latest revision, and send questions our way. We’d love to hear from developers and publishers.

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