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universal search: the one where apple lags microsoft by 4 years


Buzz feed are reporting that Apple will add universal search to Apple TV. We called this one in 2011, and again in 2013. At least there’s symmetry to be writing again in 2015! Apple are famously a fast follower, and rarely an innovator. In the TV industry, they’re more of a slow follower.

why care?

Universal search matters in TV, because the essence of a TV company is navigation. A TV company buys content rights, often for a lot of money [paywall], and adds value through the way they schedule and present those rights. That means they want full control of their own app. Music labels might be happy with an Apple-controlled app, but TV companies will not distribute their best content this way.

That’s why aggregating TV data together, and providing search across apps is the only known way to meet the needs of TV companies, while providing a great user experience.

Here at MetaBroadcast we’re big fans of aggregation and cross-app universal search. We wrote about it when the BBC launched their interlinking service, and again when Microsoft launched TV search on Xbox. We even won an IBC innovation award for our work in this area. Millions of people discover TV via our services.

let’s make it happen

Universal search on Apple TV, and hopefully on iOS, too, is huge for the TV industry. We’ll be at the forefront of providing support. Please do get in touch below if we can help.

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