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top of the weekly wishlist: wishes for the future

Last week at MetaBroadcast we spoke a lot about THE FUTURE (of TV) in preparation for next month’s MetaBeers. It couldn’t help but remind me of the long awaited day where Doc and Marty go BACK! To the Future! It might also be because ‘Back to the Future Day’ related news filled my feeds completely…

So what did the future bring? Flying cars? Nope. Hover boards? Not exactly? Self tying trainers? Actually, YEAH!

However, like I said, we’re more interested in the future of TV and according to Screen Crush’s article it’s one of the few things that Back to the Future II got pretty spot on…

Screen Crush BTTFPII predictions

We know that 3DTV and virtual reality are technically possible but currently aren’t so commercially successful that there is one in every home… Yet how could that change over the next 30 years? What are your thoughts on the matter, and how would you feel about coming along for some beers and a chance to chat about them? Perhaps you should save the date in your diary for Wednesday the 18th November: MetaBeers. See you there!

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