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Tiffany Little

top of the weekly wishlist: i don’t want to be late…

… for a very important date!

Or rather, meeting. All the meetings. It’s been incredibly busy here at MetaBroadcast HQ the last few weeks, some projects are reaching their final stages, and as many just beginning to bloom into life. Spring has finally sprung and this genie is springing (read bouncing) off the walls, across our various floors to ensure everyone has cake and caffeine…

cake walk

Let me tell you, it’s no cake walk… Except for when it is. Y’know, like when it’s a walk to get actual cake. Om nom, a new cat who joined us by way of our referral scheme had requested one of Bea’s beautiful Red Velvet cakes and so, off I went to fetch it!

keep it secret, keep it safe

I would looove to tell you about all the other wish-granting I’ve been getting up to—organising a certain someone‘s Metaversary and planning our next Away Day—but alas, another meeting is due to start any moment and I just don’t have the time. FOR SHAME. It’ll just have to wait until my next post, or perhaps we can discuss it over a beer? If you’d like to, join us for MetaBeerTalks! For now, toodles!

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