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top of the weekly wishlist: a dream come true

If you’re a regular reader of our dear blog, you’re likely aware I like stuff. I like making it and I like owning it. I’ve even written posts about it. Much of the stuff I like is art related. I’m also a big fan of Instagram, as proven by previous debates on the topic!

Last week these two loves of mine came together at the opening of the first ever Instagram curated art exhibition: Paintguide.

Paintguide is an account originally started by artist Henrik Uldalen to share his inspirations. It now gets taken over by a different artist every week and boasts an impressive 184k followers. When I jumped on the wagon, I think it was clocking in at around 8k.

In a previous post regarding Instagram I mentioned…

I follow around 40 creatives, including painters, sculptors and taxidermists, allowing me an inside look at these people’s working practices. Other bonuses involve resource recommendations, sneak previews of upcoming works, exhibitions and workshops.

I now follow a few hundred artists and, through the Paintguide account, have realised how close-knit the community—especially the part of it using Instagram—is. The forward thinking individuals at the Unit have recognised this, the growing involvement of these artists in their online community and how it impacts their place in the international arts scene.

Working together with Henrik, the Unit have brought together an exhibition that dreams are made of. For me, it’s a wish come true. I got to see the works of many artists I admire in a single room. Most of which, I didn’t think I would ever get to see unless I fancied a trip or several stateside… Thanks to Instagram, I’ve seen behind the curtains to the artists’ processes and their inspirations. Now seeing their work in the flesh and how they apply the knowledge of their muses and materials, I feel like I have a much greater appreciation of the work.

So! take it from me! if you’re wishing for something free and fantastic to do in London between now and December 20th, get yourself along and enjoy the show.

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We are ready for U. #paintguide

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