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This month’s #MetaBeers talks were all about short form film. I use services like YouTube almost daily but I won’t necessarily go out of my way to watch, specifically, short form videos. Following the talks, however, I found myself thinking about short videos I’d seen and enjoyed in the past that are “stand-alone” in their own way (ie, not just “another video” part of a youtuber’s series, for example).

The immediate short-film that popped to my mind was one I saw at a cinema festival years ago and I just scoured the internet to find it (it would have been easier had I remembered the name of the film, or the director). Once I tracked down those important details, I was able to find it—you guessed it—on YouTube. I had previously wondered about it, but never had a good enough reason to go through all the films competing in 2011, until now! Take a look below.

pixels, by patrick jean

I can’t think of a scenario in which I would have watched Pixels if I hadn’t been to that festival, but I’m glad I did. The fact that it’s only roughly 2-minutes long is a bonus. You don’t get to get tired. I like all the video game references and this short is the reason why I had held up hope for the more recent feature length “Pixels” movie which was, well, not good.

There are a couple of other better known shorts that I also enjoyed very much. One is Disney’s Paperman, the other is Pixar’s Lava.

For both of these, YouTube comes to the rescue once more. If you’ve not seen them, why not take a look below. They’re all very different styles from each other and for a grand total of just over 10 minutes, you get to see a couple of nice shorts 🙂

paperman, by disney animation studios

Note: this is not the original soundtrack.

For more details about this short, including other behind the scenes videos and images, click here.

lava, by pixar

I wouldn’t have thought that a short about a volcano could be so sweet, sad, endearing, cute… all at once! But there we go, Pixar made it happen!

I wasn’t able to find the actual short, but I found the official soundtrack that shows most of the short anyway. And the wordplay with Lava/Love is just too good 🙂

How about you? Any favourite shorts? Did you like these three? Let us know—we’re always happy to get suggestions of cool things to watch!

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