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the pursuit of metappiness: up, up, up… and away!

Our lovely genie recently provided a short overview of our first Away Day of 2014, so I’m going to share a few more details with you today 🙂

we loved seeing you there: the ups and downs of 2014’s first away day

It all started last Wednesday morning at ULU. For the first couple of hours we brainstormed; we considered improvements we would like to make throughout 2014 across a range of products and services. For that, we split into four teams, and let ideas flow for a while, each team with a different problem at hand.


Each team took a few minutes to discuss and agree on what can be done to improve in each area and then we combined all thoughts from all teams into something like a roadmap to guide us through 2014 and the things we believe should have a big chunk of our attention. Well, you know us and how there’s always laughing and loving too


After a nice lunch of burgers at Byron‘s our afternoon held promises of other heights and attention requirements. We went to The Arch Climbing Wall and gave bouldering a go. For most of us it was our first attempt. Even before we started we ached and suffered with the shoes we were given—appropriate for climbing, not so much for walking! Take a look at the kind of thing we did [no, not really, we had a beginners’ kind of lesson!]…

Best of British World Cup Qualifiers at the Arch from Jim Petersen on Vimeo.

About one hour into the fun and games—which were going great, I might add—and on an attempt to reach the top of an (inwards) inclined wall, something happened. My arms and legs were so very tired that when I got to the top I thought I might as well just jump from there, but I was so exhausted that I clearly didn’t steady my legs enough and they were swinging. You can imagine what happened next, huh? There were testimonials that it was [a] magnificent [fall]!


Not to worry, though. I’ve been to the hospital and had an x-ray taken that showed no fractures, so I’m sure I’ll be jumping, running and climbing around in no time 😉 And I’m even up for trying it again in a while, once my foot is healed properly! Who’s in?

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