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the pursuit of metappiness: the ice cream season is open

Ahhh… The nice weather we’re having, ain’t it great? 🙂 Oh wait, that’s just my news feed with all the beachy and summery-like photos people are posting…

once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: fluffiness

Perhaps that was why when I originally saw this addition to the office I thought of the words that came to mind was “warm and fluffy”—clearly that’s that I was hoping for outside!

Fluffy addition to the office

I can’t believe how beautiful, shiny and colourful that rug looks right now! What a great job Tiff has done!

it’s not gluttony: it’s a treat

In the absence of outside warmness, we all got a warm fuzzy feeling instead when Max visited last week. Especially because he came bearing gifts, as you do! The team was both figuratively and literally swept away—by the biscuits and for a drink, respectively.

He tried to convince us that dunka-holic was about basketball, when it’s clearly about biscuits!


The lack of really hot days lately, it didn’t stop us from declaring open the MetaBroadcast 2015 Ice Cream Season, with the graceful preparation of sundaes by our cheery genie 🙂

Sundae masterpiece

office art: start spreading the love

Surely the warm fuzzy feeling (despite the ice cream… or particularly because of it?) can only have been aided by these cutsie little things…

Spreading the love

You may be wondering what triggered that and I’d have to say… Blame the llama!

Shiny llama

That nice (and shiny) llama was part of Luke‘s praise after he won our votes for Foodie Friday 🙂

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