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the pursuit of metappiness: sweet treats ftw

once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: decor change… in blue!

Sometimes there are things you just can’t miss. I’d say it’s almost like they hit you in the face, but this time it’s very much to prevent situations where that could actually have happened. When I stepped into Make yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised by the new blinds. I knew they were coming, but hadn’t seen them yet. Not only are they sturdier, they also look pretty and add to the colour palette 🙂


It’s not all about pink and purple, you know? Although those are colours that will continue to have a special place in our hearts. And chairs. And post-its. And laptop sleeves. And tumblers. And curtains. And fridge. And desk lamps. Aaaaand…

Something else that has seen changes recently was our postcard wall. I haven’t mentioned it in a while because I’m still in deep sadness due to the fact that the postcard I sent a few months ago from Vienna never got here, but with three new additions to the wall I couldn’t not share them with you.


it’s not gluttony: who doesn’t like flapjacks?

I considered further contributing to the wall with postcards from Porto and Lisbon (already featured), but instead I thought I’d make another kind of contribution that albeit also not a first is generally well loved by the kitties! I brought back Pastéis de Belém again 🙂

pasteis de belem

And if, like Zach, you’re wondering how long I waited in line (the massive queues are world-famous)… I didn’t. How?!—I hear you ask. Well, here’s an insider tip… Instead of queueing for the counter where you can buy the take away boxes, go inside and find a place to sit. There are several rooms ranging from small to huge. The smaller ones are generally full, but keep walking. If you see another open door that isn’t marked ‘Staff’ or ‘WC’, carry on. The last room is the largest one, with several dozen tables. Even if there is a queue for this room, it will be much quicker than the queue for the counter outside, so wait it out (it rarely takes more than five minutes, even if it looks long and nasty). When you’re shown to your table order whatever you want to have right away AND as many boxes to take away as you want (or can carry) 🙂

However, that was not the only treat brought in recently. Maybe not even the best one. It’s debatable, to say the least! Mr. Luke gifted the team with amazing flapjacks, and Zach brought in courgette chocolate chip cake. My sources tell me there may have been some attempts by people to convince themselves and anyone who listened that they were healthy-ish, after all, one of the treats contained oats and other, courgette!

baking goodness

office art: takes many shapes…

…and at times parts of the office may resemble workshops. It’s for a good cause though. With the heavy use we give the chairs in Plan, some of them had become rather wobbly. It’s not pleasant when we use them daily for our Happy Hours and any other chats that take place there during the day, so the mighty genie took it up a notch and fixed all the chairs, with all the screws, and all the tools. It’s hard work, but we’re all going to feel the benefits of stable chairs again!

genie's workshop

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