Rita Lopes

the pursuit of metappiness: pink bling

In the run-up to Christmas, I wonder if Tom‘s extensive warmup via the office playlist was somewhat related to him treating us to some German sweets, too?


it’s not gluttony: it’s sushi to share

Not only did we get to try German sweets, but to continue on an international cuisine kind of week we took random Wednesday to Japan and had sushi from Grange Hotel. While undecided about what each of us wanted, we were tempted by the platters to share and ended up sharing a sushi meal. It was nice seeing our lunch be prepared on the spot for us, while sitting comfortable in a waiting area, and even nicer that it was tasty!


the league of extraordinary: pink bling

And how else to wrap up an otherwise nice day if not with pink fizz? You know we celebrate metaversaries—years people spend with us—but on a personal note we come together to mark one’s birthday’s with a little something. When Mirona‘s birthday came we were ready; and to quote the birthday girl “Oh no! You started a tradition; you know I collect stuff, right?

And we even talked about how nice it is when presents come with extra presents, like the extra drink Mirona mentioned. How about that?! That was a fizzy mid-week break 🙂 It’s almost like we’re preparing for our team Christmas party, also a nice mid-week break! I’ll tell you all about it next week, stay tuned.

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