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the pursuit of metappiness: merry xmas!

It’s December 23rd, so it’s only logical that this post is all about Christmas. I’ll start by telling you a tale of the MetaBroadcast’s Christmas party!

the league of extraordinary: ‘cats xmas

It was December the 18th, a surprisingly warm though grey day when we met at Wahaca’s South Bank Experiment. We feasted until we couldn’t anymore, and *then* we kept at it, just for luck. Our mexican flavoured lunch set the cheery tone that would last for the rest of the day. Once we were happy and full of toffee and chocolate dipped churros—Oli in particular—our next stop was the nearby National Theatre—and The Light Princess awaited us.


I didn’t know much about this play so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it turned out to be quite fun, entertaining and light—just like Althea, the Princess. The way how the cast accomplished the illusion of floating—not flying!—was wonderful. They rarely used wires—instead an increadible crew of four who could easily be said to have had the play on their hands and feet 😉

The show gave us enough time to recover from lunch, but just barely. I anticipated enormous amounts of food, but man, the guys at Opium are good at making sure no one’s drinks or sharing platters are empty! So, when you think you’ve accomplished that great feat of finishing the food, think again, here comes a little more. Eventually we stopped, some before others, certainly, but we were kinda defeated by dim sum… Again!


While the candles burned away we drank, chatted and laughed through the night. Some close friends of MetaBroadcast’s joined us and joy seemed to be every where. If this isn’t the meaning of Merry in Merry Christmas ‘cats, then something’s wrong 😉

laughing is the best medicine: season’s epic split

The party was definitely the biggest event of the past week where MetaBroadcast is concerned, but we did spot another Christmassy thing happening over the internet… You may or may not have seen Van Damme’s epic split before, and now it looks like he was out-splitted by Chuck Norris. Just another way of wishing people a Happy Christmas, no? 😉

once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it: christmas is all around us

And speaking of wishing people stuff for Christmas, it’s no secret by now that our lovely CTO has had quite a warm up run to this season, so that has to mean there’s no such thing as too much Christmas for him right? With that in mind I set out to wish him all the best. Many times. Some of which he’s yet to discover! But hey, in Portugal we have this saying that “Christmas is whenever we want it to be”, so we’re good 😉


We’re hoping you’ve had an amazing year and that your Christmas comes bearing awesome surprises. From us at MetaBroadcast HQ, a very Happy Christmas and enjoy the epic peacefulness-chaos mix this time of the year always comes with!

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