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the pursuit of metappiness: looking back at 2013

Welcome to the last 2013 metappiness post! I decided this was the perfect post to round-up the biggest stories that made this year’s pursuit of metappiness happen and the pictures that illustrate them. You may expect a trip down memory lane that includes team away days, metaversaries, office art in several shapes and forms and major changes we undertook during the year that now draws to an end. Buckle up, it’s quite a ride!

we loved seeing you there: the team’s away days in 2013

This year’s away days came and went faster than you can say “Away Day”, but they were all very fun and different from one another. Do you still remember that in January we tried medieval sword fighting—AKA messer? It was the first time we did something of that kind and it’s fair to say the team was pleased. The team proved to be good with sword techniques and surprisingly versatile when it came to improv in April. But the wettest challenge was going to happen in July when we paddled our way around Shadwell Basin; a refreshing activity suited for warm afternoon in London. To finish off our 2013 away days we tried something else that one could argue comes from the past—archery. Surprise, surprise, we had several good shots and a tie for 3rd place!

the league of extraordinary: team metaversaries!

Not all our happenings involve us getting out of the office and metaversaries are probably the best example. In 2013 we celebrated nine cats’ hardworking years with us by giving them a special party. To start us off we gave Adam a metaversary inspired in his DevOps heroics, Scott Pilgrim and overall platform games. Not long after, Liam completed his first year with us and his love for all things Swedish was the perfect excuse for a different kind of celebration with not one, but two cakes!


In the same week that got us trying improv, something else happened: a metaversary I had only one goalenjoy it! My fondness for London wasn’t overlooked and it turned out to be quite special! 🙂 Speaking of which, special is always the aim for these things and I think we hit the target once again for Jonathan‘s metaversary; in 2013 we were inspired by his growing photo collection… And an even bigger cake! Although at that point we didn’t know, we were setting the pace for the biggest metaversary cake yet and it was down to Oli to carry the gigantic box home with enough cake to last for over a week,or so he said! Either way, metal was what it was all about and the team ended up partaking in a few face offs for the greatest guitar hero 😉


We had barely recovered from that party when we partied again. This time, we celebrated Tom‘s second year with the team and got him to run down memory lane—literally. Some time later, Fred became the first person to have a 3rd metaversary and we didn’t leave anything to chance. We created a Groovy Party that included a shooting game to take down the evil masterminds. Speaking of masterminds, soon after it was down to me to mastermind the perfect genie celebration for her first year of wish granting around the team. It wasn’t an easy task to make her justice, but I believe it was a mission accomplished—that what her face read when she sat down for a very personalised piano concert 🙂 If 2013’s metaversaries were to stop here, I’d say it would have been a great year already, but there was one final cat completing a year with us: Luke! It’s easy to spot that he loves F1, so my mission to make that the focus of his metaversary was one treated with the utmost importance. In the end, he saw his nation—Translukeistan—become part of the F1 Grand Prix rotation and he became the first Translukeistan Grand Prix winner of all times!


office art: metabroadcast’s 2013 originals

I wouldn’t dare trying to count the number of times some sort of art popped up around the office. Instead, I’m going to remind you of some of the year’s highlights and… share some new, so far unseen, works of art that made this a very creative year!

post-its fun minions

once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it: office makeover

But those were not the only ways we allowed creativity to flow… I couldn’t write a “2013 in review” post without mentioning the huge transformation the office went through this year. We changed the rooms display, the team now occupies two rooms on the top floor and several other improvements happened 🙂

play gets a makeover

make gets a makeover

What about your year? Have you thought back to what made it to your memorable moments’ top? Feel free to share some of them with us in the comments bellow or on Twitter. Happy new year!
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