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the pursuit of metappiness: let’s talk

Around here we like happy people, so much so we even got our own genie! Smiles are something we care about and try our best to make sure they keep happening: by talking to each other, helping whenever needed, providing feedback and/ or ideas and by being available, in a general sense.

adventures in html land and javascript

Not so long ago, I’ve shared my adventures diving into HTML and JavaScript—separately. After that, I’ve been trying to learn and dig deeper into it and get those two together. That’s going to be a post in itself soon, but the reason I brought it up now is to highlight the fact that every time I needed to ask a question around here, help is prompt and effective.

communicating doesn’t always mean voice

Everyone can speak up—about anything and everything, but speaking up is sort of… limited, because everyone jumps in early on, with their own way of sharing, helping out, putting a smile on our faces or, often, a good deed that combines more than one of the above. Take Adam‘s snickerdoodles, brought in a love-box. I guarantee: there wasn’t a single face that didn’t burst into a huge smile when taking a bite. Amazing, I say.

Adam brought snickerdoodles

Another example, introduced a while back, and growing is our WWWall. Not everyone is a postcard collector like myself, but no one dislikes receiving one—right? More often than not, when one of us goes away to some idillic place (or maybe just not-London-place), a postcard reaches our physical inbox. The messages? Well, that depends, and you’d have to come take a look yourself 🙂

sweet talk, and shiny things

If you’ve never been to a meeting with us, you may have come across proof that we like our talks sweet, and recently we indulged into a Red Velvet, a German Chocolate and a Chocolate and Guiness cake—all from Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Here’s a sneak peak of a particularly shiny example:

German Chocolate Cake

come talk to us

This Wednesday is our quarterly Away Day, so we won’t be in the office, but out and about. As usual, the day will end at The Enterprise, over pints and chips. Want to share some of your thinking by talking to us? Join us from 6:30pm, bring mates, too. We’ll be glad to have all of you 🙂

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