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the pursuit of metappiness: let there be snowflakes

we loved seeing you there: but that api though

This winter’s last #MetaBeers were all about that… API. As the evening went on and we heard from our various cats on this topic, we saw the good, the bad and the ugly. When we got to the greatly anticipated metadata pub quiz, courtesy of Tom, we were all fed, hydrated, and ready for it—or not, but eh, we kept our spirits up and our glasses full!

the league of extraordinary: coffee, cameras, and postcards

I’ve written before about my catch ups with people, where we discuss what’s on our minds, what we should focus on, and how to achieve good things. I do this on a regular basis with everyone, so most of the coffee shops close by see us every once in a while and, occasionally, there’s something to surprise us or catch our eye, like stars…


… or postcards about museums in London, such as the Crime Museum. It’s quite pleasant to be able to do these short chats in random places around the office, just for a change of scenery.


office art: taking a break from origamiing

Something else that had a slight change this week was Foodie Friday winner’s origami! As you must be aware by now, each week I deliver the most impressive person’s praise in some funny (and always different) shape, with one exception: me winning! That’s what happened this week and look at this!


Mirona brought her A game and crafted a pretty snowflake out of paper. I felt it should be placed in the vicinity of the suns I’ve been keeping next to my desk for a while. Perhaps, in the future, that will result in a rainbow!


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