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the pursuit of metappiness: hippo club

we loved seeing you there: #metabeers on searching tv

August may be the month that sees the quietest #MetaBeers, but it was also the month that provided my flat with three new plants in one taking! My team happened to be made up of 3-quarters people who live in the same flat, and we won the pub quiz. Perhaps we should stick to this winning team and in a few months our balcony will be head-turning! I wonder whether it may have been due to the inspiration the picture round provided us with…


Dem mad photoshop skillz there, Mr. Luke! It is a grand display of the usual quiz master, our very own Tom, who happened to be jetting off to other places that day. I’m reasonably confident he may choose not to jet-off anywhere else on metadata pub quiz night in the future. Just saying!

office art: out for lunch

I’ve been over the art takes many forms point of view in the past. It’s just that… there’s no way around it. This time, for a change, I’m going to share no doodles with you. Instead, take a look at our newly added adornments to the walls.


And that’s not all. One of our rooms, Code, is now prettified with these creations by the hands of Adam, Tiff and Mirona. It’s a case of saying… Oh Deer!


the league of extraordinary: hippos

We’ve recently had a hippo invasion! Have you heard?

We’ve yet to name the five pink creatures 🙂 For now, there have been the following suggestions: Harry, Barry, Garry, Larry and… Finbarr. Do share if you can come up with better ones.

pondering moment of the week: how hbo is hbo?

In what has become an eagerly anticipated habit to end Foodie Friday, we stream a short video. The themes vary, the length, too, but more often than not something interesting is brought to our attention. Last Friday the question Mirona teased us with was… “How HBO is HBO?”—roll film.

After watching it, the general feeling was that maybe HBO isn’t how we think it is, being a channel that isn’t broadcast in the UK, where we see selected content only. The things we were presented with seemed to be a little far off what we tend to think HBO content looks like. What do you think?

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