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the pursuit of metappiness: have heart

When you’re paying attention to what’s going on around you, you see many things. It’s the details, the little things… like having your cuppa using an appropriate mug!


Or leaving your team cute little notes to start their day when you’re not going to be in that day; you can still spread the love, even when you’re not physically around.


it’s not gluttony: code review treats

Or even just how wonderful it is to have a couple of After Eight while you’re learning about lambda and mongo client library. High brain processing requires that extra bit of sugar…


To be fair, last year when we first started (what we’re hoping becomes a tradition around here, wink wink) having After Eight for the first time we realised it’s always after eight anyway, so there’s no time like now to have one!

once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: them faces

Lately, I’ve been introducing you to new faces around MetaBroadcast. Last week, when I got in on Monday morning I couldn’t get over the similarities between these two…


Right? Ok, fine, maybe you don’t see it. One is a butterfly, the other is a hawk… But HEY, there’s something! Let me have this.

office art: christmas!

Decorating (well) is an art in itself, but on a more Christmas-y note I have continued with the Christmas-Origami-Series for Foodie Friday this week.


This week’s lucky recipient was Nuno and he had quite a read! It seems that the team was not only impressed by the good work, but also good (?!) music choices and his beard (or shaving thereof).

pondering moment of the week: 2015 coming to a close

After the long, long, list of reasons why Nuno was voted the most impressive cat this week we got to reminisce about 2015 (it’s that time of the year!) with a great video which is a collection of 506 (!) others. They were all beautiful, so it’s worth sharing.

If you prefer to watch all 506 on their own, complete length, you can find them here. I don’t know, you may need entertainment to help pass the time over the season.

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