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the pursuit of metappiness: happy metaversary, romain!

Wow. What a week! Back from a week off, a new cat, a metaversary, balloons, helium, rainbows, tennis, rugby, paint jobs, and all the cider. Plus, #MetaBeers coming up! And yep, it all ties nicely together. A little nutty, too. Come along for a ride (there will be photos and videos, I promise).

we’d love to see you there: #metabeers on the 16th

It’s that time again πŸ˜€ Do join us this Wednesday (September 16th) for #MetaBeers. As usual, pop by Yorkshire Grey from 6:30pm for a 7pm start and this month we’ll be talking about events and TV.

As usual, we’d love to see you there. If you’re curious about previous editions of our #MetaBeers, you can take a look at a couple of our most recent summaries πŸ™‚

office art: closed doors will never be the same

Truth be told this is also true if the door is open, but hey, our door is so pretty! I was off for a few days but I spotted it immediately from across the road as I was coming in πŸ™‚


Just another example of how our office art can take many forms.

the league of extraordinary: rainbows

Some of you will know, or have read about, how I’ve got a pretty good memory and how that often turns into metaversary surprises and plans. Last week it was Romain‘s first metaversary and his was a party full of colour and ciders, based on things he’d mentioned over time. And then some, of course. We called it There’s cider at the end of the rainbow and we made sure there was! I mean, who doesn’t like rainbows? And if you don’t like cider, this was a good opportunity to do some market research as we gathered 36 different types and flavours!

Romain's MV decor

It all started quite a while back when Romain commented how he wished his metaversary featured a rainbow cake, so far unseen at MetaBroadcast. The wheels were set in motion and nothing could stop them. However, as usual, we don’t just do cake. We do party. Celebration. Go big or go home!

As the team walked into the room, the theme was rather self explanatory. At least half of it; the rainbow half. The rest of it involved a tiny explanation and this was when we explained that, sadly, we’d been unable to procure the rainbow cake as we had hoped. The ceremonial cake cutting and cava pouring took place and…

Once our tiny mischief was out in the open we set out to experiment with cider. A lot of it was drunk and tried (in rainbow cups, naturally). The challenge we gave the team was colourful, too, in more ways than the obvious ones. We were going to try to find objects from around the office that make up the rainbow colours.

once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: red dragon

The idea was that both teams picked a random piece of paper containing the name of an object from inside a hat whilst one of the team members was outside the room. Then, the outsider would call the conference phone in the room and be told what they were looking for. Their team-mates were encouraged to help as much as they could… and their opponents to interfere at least just as much! The names of the teams? Well, “Team Rain” and “Team Sunshine”, of course. And strange things happened…

Such as Tom taking a small eternity to find his red dragon, which lives on his desk and has been there for over one year. Allegedly, he couldn’t hear us over the opponents’ well played bluff as they also shouted he needed to bring in the red dragon. So he thought they were throwing him off. Smart move indeed! Later, upon the very same team failing to bring in one of the objects requested, the following searcher, Steve, not only found his object in under one minute, he also brought our failed item! Just to rattle us… Tsk tsk πŸ™‚


To finish the evening a few of us still played around with food colouring and water to create slow motions. Let’s face it, for a first ever attempt it wasn’t too bad! However, we still have food colouring… who’s to say we won’t try again at some point? πŸ™‚

laughing is the best medicine, especially if you inhale a bit of helium

The metaversary jokes have had a tendency to break time barriers in the way of proving themselves funny days after the fact in a variety of ways. Naturally, when helium is involved, that means the team has fun with funny voices and use that for encouragement of their beloved co-workers (or to tease Tom).

That wasn’t all, of course. When surrounded by rainbow props, there are many good uses they can have for a new breadth of life. Don’t believe me? Take a look…

romain's mv

it’s not gluttony: it’s a surprisingly full box

Last week, when our Foodie Friday order arrived we weren’t mentally prepared for the amount of food that involved. Naturally, this caused a certain slowness in traffic around the box that contained our sustenance for the day. I was going to photograph the box, but then I thought the people around it was a better photo. I wasn’t quite quick enough to snap the shot the perfect time, but it’s still a good proof of concept.

all the hummus

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