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the pursuit of metappiness: happy metaversary, me!

Phew, what a week that was! Some think we party too much, but not us. We don’t think that. There’s no such thing as too much party for the metabroadcats. Not even when we have three metaversaries in three weeks, plus an Away Day. Let me tell you about our most recent team away day and the final metaversary this month: mine!

laughing is the best medicine

April’s away day was very exciting. When it started we knew the rough plan for the day included an awesome breakfast, followed by some spring cleaning, delicious lunch, circus activities and #metabeers. This means we totally knew we could eventually be looking a bit like clowns, but nothing good has ever come from staying in one’s comfort zone, so step out we must—and try things like tightrope, stilts and juggling 🙂

After our lovely breakfasts we spent the next few hours working as a team to clean up the metaphorical house. We know that as time goes by we sometimes need to work around things, and put not-ideal-solutions in place to get us through the day but they add up. With that in mind we dedicated this time to determine what needs tidying up, and how to do it over the course of the next few weeks.


With our brains demanding more energy to burn we headed to The Eagle’s beer garden where we took advantage of the lovely sunny day we were gifted with. The downside was that the combination of good food plus sun can prove challenging if you’re planning on exercising shortly thereafter… If you know what I mean.

Our afternoon was then spent juggling, both literally and figuratively, and it included a flash lesson on tightrope…


… and stilts…


… just before the actually playing with little colourful balls.


we loved to see you there: #metadata #metabeers

Once we were done with balls, we headed to Crown and Anchor for well deserved refreshments (mostly in the form of beer!) and a few wonderful talks about Metadata. When all was said and done, I even took home this beauty! Thanks to being in the quiz’s winning team—thanks Garry!


office art: for a happy metaversary

I have to say, being normally behind all the metaversary preparations and secretness only makes not knowing what mine will involve all the more exciting! Last week we celebrated my third year at MetaBroadcast and I had no idea what that was going to mean… As the time approached and the suspense was nearly unbearable, this is all I could see…

sneak peek

I had been picking up some hints that I’d laugh when I saw it. And sure enough, I really did! As I stepped into the room I realised I was actually stepping into the 1st Annual Metappiness Games! Wait, what?

rita's metaversary

So, yeah, that’s my face. Everywhere. It seems the fact that I played all the sports at one point or another was brought up in this super funny way, and our party turned into a lot of ball throwing (again, there was a theme last week). For the most part I was too busy playing things to take many photos, but I did take a moment to photograph these:

rita's cake

We tried a pineapple tart that we hadn’t had before and I must say it was awesome! It was a lovely surprise, 🙂 Now, a few days later, I still haven’t managed to finish all of it—but trust me, it shall not go to waste. It’s way too good 🙂

I also managed to record this moment in slow motion…

It really was a great one, don’t you think? 🙂

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