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the pursuit of metappiness: happy metaversary, luke!

Last week we got a chance to display some of our skills outside the software realm. We built and deconstructed structures, we had artsy moments, we were race drivers, we were stunt drivers, you name it… What a week! Some might even have taken the opportunity to make sure those around them knew how much better our weeks are, whether by sending photos of our newest toys, or by mocking their pastries with our curry based feast for Foodie Friday!

the league of extraordinary: grown ups playing with Hot Wheels

Let’s start from the beginning! On Tuesday, November 25th (remember remember the… 25th of November), we celebrated Luke‘s 4th (!) Metaversary. It was a big one and we wanted it to be taken to a whole new level. After all, last year he’d won the first Translukeistan Grand Prix, and as the reigning champion we wanted to challenge and derobe, err pardon me, dethrone him. We set things up carefully; we tested, then we waited.


After a while a few things were clear…

  • Hot Wheels are fun
  • Hot Wheels aren’t just fun for kids
  • Luke is a tough champion to challenge
  • Playing Hot Wheels is even funnier when you have a commentator (commentating)
  • Luke didn’t derobe… Or get dethroned
  • Everyone should try this at least once


All in all, it proved to be a very enjoyable metaversary, with just the right amount of challenges and potential to destroy things around you (only casualty: a champagne glass)! And don’t let the “+4” on the boxes fool you… These things aren’t always as easy as they seem, not even trying to disassemble the tracks and make it all fit into the original packaging neatly is an easy task!

office art: takes many shapes

When it comes to the art of driving we’ve proven that Hot Wheels are a popular choice among the team, and on top of that we’re just finding out how much Jason enjoys origami pigs (and swans). It’s good company to my latest creation… A cute dog-shaped Foodie Friday box!


This doesn’t, however, mean that our beloved doodles no longer have a place in our hearts and whiteboards! No! We do still get them, and more often than not they end up becoming a collaborative effort of more than one person. Check out one of the latest:


it’s not gluttony: but you may call it curry-feast

And to finish this post on a tasty note, remember when I said “someone” had been diligently making their friends know how awesome our days are? That’s for good reason, just last Friday we indulged in the much loved Curry Feast, courtesy of Oli who impressed our hats off.


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