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the pursuit of metappiness: happy happiness day!

the league of extraordinary: happiness

Happy belated International Day of Happiness! Around here we’re used to treating each other to all kinds of goodness and kindness. This time I wanted to give the team an extra reason to be happy so I set out to prepare a nice (tasty) surprise 🙂


office art: a nice farewell to someone going on honeymoon

And that wasn’t the only surprise this week! You’re not surprised, admit it… 😉 What started out with me hunting for the perfect card soon turned into a watercolour painting sesh by our wonderful genie—thankfully one of us is good with arts & crafts! If you come back Thursday she’ll fill you in properly on the artsy bits! Fair to say Max was visibly happy with his card—or maybe his amazing trip! Nah, definitely the card!

Here’s a sneak-peek of the work in progress, hidden away on one of the chairs to ensure the safety of the surprise if Max came waltzing in! I’ll leave the full reveal of the finished result in Tiff’s hands 🙂


once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: we like pink, and purple

It’s been a while since I mentioned any secret missions—and there’s a reason for that. Most of my recent missions have been several things, but secret isn’t one of them! For example, Oli came back from a short break to find a new laptop sleeve we got him!


With the next upcoming metaversary being mine… I guess that means it’s a mission I’ll not be part of—other than being the surprised person! 😉 How did your day of happiness go? Did you notice people doing things differently or not so much?

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