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the pursuit of metappiness: groovy baby!

The past week’s alpha and omega were sweet, with a dash of savoury in between. All well suited for this hard working team 🙂 With that in mind, seems appropriate to borrow said plot for this post.

it’s not gluttony: unless you eat them all by yourself

I’ll start with a teaser—the treats Adam gifted us with this time. These are (were, RIP) lemon and mascarpone cookies. Research* shows the most common adjective used to describe them was: amazing.


The occurrences when someone exclaimed, in writing or not, mouth full or not, what the cookies were, were recorded and counted. Results gathered throughout Monday, with a confidence level of 95% and a confidence interval of 5.

laughing is the best medicine: happy birthday tiff!

Since Tiff‘s birthday a few weeks ago when we played a Happy Birthday song a few dozen times throughout, she’s been receiving Happy Birthday wishes from Tom. Daily. And we all help along 😉 She may or may not have gotten exhausted then with sheer number of times we heard the song that day, but we’ve got to hand it to Tom. This right here is a massive WIN.

Whether it was a sugar induced idea or not we can never be sure, but it sure has made most of us laugh quite often for about a month now. Go on, try typing “isittiffsbirthday.com” in your browser.

the league of extraordinary: grooviness, yeah, baby

Fred joined MetaBroadcast 3 years ago and on Friday we ended the week with a bang—or several, to be precise—to celebrate his third metaversary 😉 As an avid Austin Powers quoter, a major board games fan and games in general the plan was to mix and match all that to give him a groovy celebration for the awesome work he’s done and many hours of fun he’s contributed to.


Obviously, there was cake. A massive-diabetes-inducing cake. Earlier on Friday comments had been made about how much cake he had last year, but little did he know he was about to face a 12” of tasty Curly Whirly 🙂


We ended up toasting and having plenty of fun mixing up quotes from Austin Powers with other random words. Until said words were actually used on each other like badges, that is. Well, it’s all about some great company and good laughs. Cheers, Fred, and to many more!

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