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the pursuit of metappiness: everything is awesome

Last week I was off for a couple of awesome days to spend with my visiting family, and during that short period of time I kept noticing a certain buzz about cakes, more cakes and… cakes. It seems there was a lot of it during my brief (and awesome) absence. Although, as I was soon to realise, all things edible weren’t over… On my first day back we had #MetaBeerTalks (known for fantastic talks and quite a bit to eat and drink) and it was awesome.

we loved seeing you there: #metabeertalks on people

Our latest topic was on people choose people and it felt like an appropriate one for me to jump in and have a go. After all, it’s people and, well, me. We had a series of awesome talks that evening. Chris kicked off the evening introducing the subject of why navigating by people?. Oli followed it up by sharing insights on the atlas people api. At this point, the barrier was high when I took over to present my talk: dodging bullets people in content, which was graciously followed through by Tiff who wanted to share with us her belief that we should give power to the people. The evening wasn’t over yet, as we were still going to hear from Dan who claims that the reason why people look at photos is deeply connected to being… related to them or, if that fails, someone they might have heard of before. With the talks drawing to a close, Tim told us a little bit about working with people data from production teams before he left the stage for Mirona‘s closing act: people, my secret way of navigating netflix, which may or may not have ended on a note of a big dream she has… Awesome, I tell you.


The talks were pretty captivating (and awesome), each in its own (awesome) way as they were quite diverse yet very closely wrapped together. Not only there were technical details, but there were also honorable mentions to well known names such as Jackie Chan, Robin Williams, Jet Li, Lana Del Rey and Natalie Portman. Nothing else we could have asked for… right? Well, apart for some perfectly timed nibbles and further rounds of drinks, of course.

it’s not gluttony… well, actually, it really is—this time

As I was getting ready to depart the awesome #MetaBeerTalks that night, a new and interesting food showed up… Goat’s cheese and toasted bread. Right, that was it. No longer leaving… I indulged for a little while. It was awesome, but I was struggling… You see, that day we’d already been granted a very sweet moment via Garry‘s sister who decided to surprise him by having, not one, but two boxes of cupcakes delivered to the office for his birthday. Hmmmm… Tasty! By the end of Wednesday I was considering cutting off a little for the rest of the week…

That is until awesome Friday happened and we were treated to a Bodean’s lunch, courtesy of the awesome Mr. Jason who had impressed the team the week before. I have no doubt he *also* managed to impress the candidate that was spending the day with us on Friday with his fine choice of cuisine! And if I could have thought something along the lines of… “Right, this it it. No more food…“, I would have been wrong, because the team had elected Dan’s #MetaBeerTalk as the most awesome and he chose an afternoon treat for the team… Luckily, he went for Tiramisu (which proved to be quite popular with the team!), sadly for my belt… I am one of the team members who approved of said choice and indulged a little more…


office art: the all seeing eyes

It could have been the extra calories and sugar intake that led to this…But I’m more inclined to say it was a combination of further factors, instead, that got someone to draw up these intense eyeballs… For me, one more cake and mine would have jumped out of their sockets!


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