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the pursuit of metappiness: draw ALL the doodles

When I wrote about the little things that make us happy following Adam’s short and sweet blog post, I also brought up the fact that some of us have an artistic side to them. Our beloved Office Genie is one of those artists and both her latest blog post and her colourful contribution to Luke’s second metaversary reflect that.

early signs

We had a first glimpse at Tiff‘s talent when she joined for a day, the final stage of our recruiting process. She guided us through her day in a cartoon streamline of events that made the team laugh hard 😀 Ever since, the whiteboards spread throughout both floors became canvases where she unleashes creativity now and then.

and doodles were born

With many canvas and a fun loving audience, it didn’t take long before a couple of miniature additions to someone else’s scribblings spawned here and there. An encouraging team led to more creative outbursts and sporadic doodles were born.

When the next doodle will emerge is unknown—that’s half the fun, frankly!—but they’re usually cooked from what the team is working on, subjects we’ve approached during our many chats or something that inspired Tiff. One thing’s for sure: they’re growing in size and frequency. Will we soon be able to have a favourite doodle of the month or something?

choose your favourite

That takes time to happen, but for now I’d set you a challenge: what’s your favourite doodle so far? I’m sure Tiff will be very happy to see her doodles flying all over the internet and to know which are the best loved ones. If you’re up for it, drop us a line in the comment box and you’ll be kept up to date whenever new doodles show up 🙂


luke got a metaversary doodle

Two years ago Grand Master Luke joined MetaBroadcast as a design techonologist ready to beautify everything we do around here before it reaches you—beautify ALL the things! Besides believing in the holy trinity of Pizza, Fish & Chips and Burgers, being a scarf wearer, disliking any kind of fruit in cakes (because the best cakes are chocolate, right?) and being a Formula 1 aficionado, he also often claims he wants kiss us; kiss ALL of our faces. Here’s what happened when the purpose was to celebrate Luke’s second metaversary:


Yes, ALL the kisses and ALL the chocolate. Honestly, it was a lot of chocolate with some cake. It’s called the Double Chocolate Dream Gateau from Patisserie Valerie and it was very good! A celebration doodle was in order, and Tiff made it colourful 🙂


Now that all the doodles have been revealed, I’ll say that my vote goes out to the Engage doodle, not only it’s very funny and accomplishes the goal, but it also reminds me of the conversation that led to that work of art. Funny, to say the least 🙂 What about you? What’s your favourite doodle?

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