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the pursuit of metappiness: donuts donuts donuts!

By the time you read this I’ll be sailing away (literally) for a few days! And while that means I’m certainly going to miss out on some office awesomeness, I couldn’t go without sharing the latest from the MB Towers 🙂

it’s not gluttony

As if to give me a proper send off (actually, it was totally unrelated) Friday was a very tasty day! Not only did we get to indulge in a nice pasta lunch, courtesy of the impressive Romain, but we were also treated to quite a few donuts and… ice cream! What better way to end a week on a (sugar) high? 😀

ice cream and donuts

Since we’re talking about sweet stuff, I think the Madeleines that Romain brought back from France last week deserve an honourable mention! For some, it was the first time they’d had it, but for him and I it was childhood memories all over again! I don’t think I’d ever so literally ate my feelings (or memories) before—and not in a negative way! :’D


office art: is often a team effort

On the topic of childhood memories, just last Friday I encountered another one! Jason had wanted to contribute to the Foodie Friday winner’s praise which generally involves some sort of origami, so along with Jamie we thought that a French theme was perfectly suitable.

Uhu glue

On the non-origami part of our artistic outlet, I found myself using UHU glue—the glue that we Portuguese kids always used for manual works as kids!

Uhu glue

once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it: ebf’s new addition

Occasionally, you may have seen references to our esteemed Enterprise Beverage Facility. Now, for those (strange) people who don’t drink tea or coffee (like me) we’ve always encouraged new options. We’ve been known to have juices, soft drinks (that aren’t just coke), and more recently even cereal, if that’s what you want instead of a San Pelegrino. And for those for whom that extra titbit of sweetness is required, Nesquik has been an option for a while, too.

Uhu glue

Now that the chocolatey option became more popular, we’ve given it a stand-out positioning! We don’t want any of our kittens to go through chocolate deprivation! Maybe we’ll even become pros at decorating our drinks like the one on the right, from Free State Coffee… Anyone feeling adventurous?

laughing is the best medicine

Have you heard the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them”? Here’s what we did when faced with a broken key about which there was little else to do…

What matters is that you make the best out of the situations, even if you think it’s a little silly!

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