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the pursuit of metappiness: change is a-coming

Let’s address the elephant in the room—what does it mean, the changes mentioned in the title?

pondering moment of the week: the best of both worlds

Well, metappiness will be changing right after this blog post. For over four years I’ve been writing weekly instalments of how we, the cats, pursue our (meta)happiness, with emphasis on topical and current events that we take part in. On occasion, lovely helpers have covered for me, for example, while I was off on holiday. Before I picked this up we had another kind of posts in the same spirit, written monthly. So after this post we’re picking up the best of both worlds and we’ll carry on with metappiness but in monthly posts, rather than weekly.

There’s a reason for this, of course. There’s always a reason 😉 I will be starting a PhD that will see me researching the topic of… happiness at work! For that reason, I will also be around less and changes became necessary so we don’t have to relinquish the time I do need to work directly with my fellow cats. Mirona has bravely volunteered as a tribute and will be the metappiness flag-bearer, with loads of help from the cats and myself, of course.

it’s not gluttony: it’s delicious chocolate

If you’ve read any previous posts on this blog it is possible you’ve come across our love of chocolate. Most of us quite enjoy a bit of a treat in the form of chocolatey goodness. Recently, I spend a few days in Belgium and couldn’t return without their world-famous chocolate. And when I saw the name of this shop? I had to get it from there—a family run business that hand-makes all their chocolate and sticks to a single shop (seeing as there’s only two of them making the chocolate).


And it’s not the only chocolatey goodness we’ve had around this week. Our fellow cats Thomas and Emils were gifted some cocoa-based treats for their excellent work on sorting out a plan to help all of us develop our Java chops going forward.

laughter is the best medicine

While on the topic of treats for the stomach, it’s a good moment to talk about another good deed (for our stomachs) of late. When Jamie won last week’s Foodie Friday vote as the most impressive cat, he decided that what he really fancied was delicious Greek food (and we’re all so glad he did). Little did we know that when we stopped by Andreas to pick up our order, Dragos would find himself with a gift offered by the restaurant’s owner. I bet Mr. Andreas thought he looked very happy to find this particular object, and so decided he should keep it.


You see, it’s not exactly one’s expectation to walk in to a Greek restaurant and find… A Romanian hat. Especially when you’re Romanian and hadn’t seen one in a while! And yes, Mirona recognised it immediately, too, when she saw it! Dragos wore it the rest of the day, maybe as a little memento from home? 😃

But back on the topic of Foodie Friday and Jamie being impressive like hell! As usual, we couldn’t let that go on unnoticed and so we gathered much praise like there was no tomorrow. So much so, that we had to have a proper storage system. Enter Devo, the Origami Master Cat, and his latest creation:


Not a shabby way to top off a great week, don’t you think? What about your week? Anything work mentioning? We’d love to know how you’ve been surviving the unusually hot weather, too! We are even bigger fans (!) of our air conditioning, cold beverages and… all the ice cream we can have around here! Our freezer is topped off pretty often! 😅

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