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the pursuit of metappiness: aliens, I scream and olympians

At the time of writing this post, the Olympics are in full swing, Team GB has 18 medals, and Athletics has started in Rio. It’s that time in the Olympics when (most) people are fully engaged, and the ones who haven’t been will start caring a little bit more.

Around here, we continue to ensure the team can continue to work while enjoying snippets of the Games in our big screens in the office, both by keeping them on during the day and by checking out some highlights after Foodie Friday.


With such a multicultural team, in the office alone we’re supporting close to 10 different teams! You’ve seen the flags from last week, and it’s worth to point out how amazing Devo‘s craftsmanship was this week!

office art: bonjour!

Perhaps inspired by all of these symbolic tokens, Devo went all out to give Romain the praise he deserves. And what a symbol he chose!


it’s not gluttony: it’s summertime!

Now, for a complete change in gears… T H I S happened.


I look forward to trying ALL the flavours that I haven’t yet. So far, I’m a bit under par, I admit. I’ve only tried two: mint and caramel. Both pretty amazing! My favourite of the two? Maybe the mint, but only because it’s less common. If I may say so, it kind of tastes like After-Eight (in a good way)!

laughter is the best medicine

Last but not least, do you remember when I said last week that Thomas and Devo’s desks had been decorated following their metaversaries? The time has come to give them some peace. Some might say Thomas had been holding on to some anger against the little green aliens…


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