the importance of spending a day with us

Our 3-step recruiting process ends with spending a day with us. That allows both sides to get a glimpse of what working together would be like. I’ll argue this is the most important part, one we will never skip, and one you, as a candidate, should cherish.

that’s the way the cookie crumbles

If you’ve been through a number of jobs, like me, you might just know what it’s like to have a few positive rounds of interviews and tests to only arrive at work on the first day and find that nothing is right. It is very hard, once you’ve taken such a big step, to overlook that the work is not what you expected, or for that matter, the environment, the colleagues, the perks.

When we take you in for a day, we make an effort to carry on as close to a normal day as possible. We show you around, introduce you to everyone, and sit you at a desk that could easily end up being yours, just like the equipment you use. The work you do must be completed, and it is of a realistic spread and volume. You receive help, and work directly with a good number of us, but you also eat with us, play with us, and joke with us—if so inclined. We can’t think of many experiences that we haven’t been able to pack into spending a day with us, shipping included. This way, little is left to imagination, and you have half the outcome of your effort clearly in front of your eyes.

and then we close the gap

There hasn’t been a time in memory when such a fine day didn’t end at the pub. There has to come a natural point to kick back and share war stories, so why delay? It also gives us a chance to say thank you, and by the time you leave us, you’ll have the other half of the story sorted, too: an offer in your hand, and a chat about the main features, plus any questions you might have—answered.

While the day can be a bit intense for some, core team here included, it does come with benefits: when you do start with us, there is hardly a stranger in the room. You know where everything is, you have a good understanding of how we roll, and you can focus on your first piece of work. That’s right, everyone turns in a good piece of work on their first day. There’s no wait, no fuss, no lengthy tedious induction. You hit the ground running, and we build it up from there together.

We know this is the right way because all the previous candidates, whether they joined us or not, appreciated this moment of truth immensely. I’ve seen people laugh with joy at how refreshing it had all been, and people cry with relief at how natural it had been. So if you are intrigued and tempted, come give it a go. After all, it only costs a day. A hell of a day.

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