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the digital experience


Films are simply one way of provoking the brain of a human (in this case audience member) into having a desirable experience. It is the experience people are willing to pay for, and that experience can vary depending on the technological setup of the viewing. I would like to discuss how this setup may be improved in the future for a more fulfilling and desirable experience than one offered by current films.


vr films

Virtual reality films are already a thing, just not as widespread and used as regular films yet, but with the cost of virtual reality headsets coming down, and the popularity and usage going up, we should be set to have VR films become mainstream in the very near future. But what makes VR better?

Current films make use of the senses through audio and visual effects to influence people’s thoughts towards that of enjoyment, interest, or excitement. VR goes one step further, not only providing sensory stimulation, but producing an immersive experience that can’t be simulated with just a TV. Moving your head and having the whole world react in the correct way massively surpasses the abilities of a screen to induce feelings of immersion and reality.



Some modern games have incredible cinematic cut scenes and special effects, and you could essentially perceive the experience as a long, interactive film. That being said, playing a game is a digital experience of it’s own. The ability to interact with the simulated universe of a game expands the concepts the mind can go through beyond what can be generated through the viewing of a film.


I predict that with interactive gaming experiences augmented by VR and interlinking with film style cut scenes, the ‘digital experience’ will become some amalgamation of all of the above, probably with it’s own name entirely. What do you think?

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