the bloom chronicles

Since I last covered our slow march towards spring in the London season of not-winter, the office, and more importantly the metabroadcats kept being perked up by a variety of blooms. It turns out that covering a subject as easy going as that is not without perils: Rita challenged me to find the pink blooms I negligently mentioned in the previous post. Harumph, for want of better onomatopoeic expression of being cornered!

purple blooms

As everyone can see, the first attempt ended up just as purple as before, and I’m not colourblind. It’s just life, and its sense of humour. So I didn’t mention it, opened Photoshop, tried a few tweaks, and… crossed my fingers hard for another chance.

pink vase, white blooms

Perhaps a bit too hard, as everything went wintery white and colourless. Well, apart for the vase, a rare, vintage, huge, unusual, heavy, impressive piece of kit in flowery print, but not even I can will that pink ink to climb up the vanilla roses sigh. As penance, I went and stood in (somewhat of a) corner, where a delicate spider plant bloom born in captivity glared at me. All white.

pink stripes leaf

Another thing that’s been staring at me from the nursery (aka, the East strip of my desk) is this rare calathea plant with pink stripes on its leaves, slowly coming back to life. Surely no one could remember it in its glory days and I could pass it as the winning novelty?

pink kalanchoe

Eventually, life gave me pink blooms. Well, kinda. They were really about as surplus to the last #MetaBeers, and in the most corporate shade yet, so they had to do. I placed one in Plan (our meeting room) and one in Club (our tropical cave) and did not cover myself in any kind of glory, seeing I got zero remarks. Must be that no one around here wears rose-tinted glasses in not-winter… Perhaps next time I write, I’ll have to retort to more of a tooting-one’s-own-horn technique. Wish me luck!

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