Chris Jackson


Hardly a day goes by without a recruitment agency calling to explain why they’re different from all the others. None of them can offer what we’re looking for, and we’re simply not interested.

In case we weren’t clear enough here before, it’s still NO AGENCIES at MetaBroadcast, and we’re still perpetually hiring.

It’s harder this way, but better for everyone, arguably even the poor downtrodden agent.

Writing in The Guardian, @mbrit recently put it even clearer than us:

Agencies typically do not understand, in any important sense, anything about the job that they are trying to sell candidates into. Agents typically don’t cut code, and in most cases never have. Also, the chief executives of these agencies aren’t ex-chief executives of software companies. Their depth of understanding of the problem domain could be described as “shallow”.

To be honest, if someone wrote to me with a nice covering letter and spoke about open source projects that he or she liked, pointed me at a Twitter feed where they were intelligently engaged in the problem domain, and sent me some code that they’d written, they’d be more or less hired at this point.

Hear, hear. If you’re interested in a job take a look at our open positions and get in touch.

Update, 9 November 2011: Despite what some might think, this post is NOT an invite to recruiters to use comments or our contact details to try to convince us otherwise and advertise their USP in the process. Such attempts have been, and will be marked as SPAM.

Update, as of 3 August 2015: Agencies and other recruiters should not in any way contact MetaBroadcast, attempt to intermediate a hire, or submit CVs to us. We are not responsible for any related fees.

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