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stick to your schedule

One thing that you notice as you age is that time seems to somehow “accelerate”, while this is only a matter of perception, we tend to use this as an excuse to justify the things we didn’t do.

While we can all agree that “time flies”, how “fast” does it fly exactly? Well, in practice, not faster than before, we just have (a lot more) on our plate, therefore we need to be a lot better at scheduling things and especially sticking to it.

scheduling all the things

When we are kids, the adults in our lives define our schedules, either at school or at home, they help you understand how to function as human beings: when to eat, when to work, when to play, how long to sleep…

Even though we don’t notice it at the time, those schedules teach us an incredible amount of things: patience, endurance, sense of achievement…

When we reach adulthood, our days usually aren’t planned for us anymore, we become masters of our own schedules and that’s when things become difficult. Scheduling things is work in itself and without a bit of guidance, we fall back to trial and error or we end up living without.

A majority of people live their everyday lives with very little scheduling, that’s not the end of the world, but that doesn’t help achieve your goals. While you might think you have it all under control and you’re just “too busy”, adding a few more entries to your calendar might get you to achieve a lot more.

Following a schedule prevents us from thinking about what to do next and that’s invaluable because our brain gets tired of making decision.

sticking to it

That’s either very easy or very hard, depending on your personality. Some people will be able to follow their schedule with various level of accuracy while others will simply feel overwhelmed after a little while and drop plans, especially in the early morning or late in the evening.

A typical example: Every year, around late December, many people start wondering what “resolution” they might adopt for the new year to come.

While most of those resolutions revolve around fitness (which makes January an actual nightmare for regular gym-goer/runners/swimmers…), others might want to learn a new skill. Fitting those in your schedule when you have a 9-5 job is fairly straight forward: Early morning BEFORE work OR late evening AFTER work.

Adding such things to your schedule requires a good amount of commitment and some sacrifices which can be quite tough to keep as the weeks go by. Knowing how to say “not now” to your partner, your friends (or your sofa/pillow) requires a fair amount of determination and it’s often VERY tempting to succumb to peer pressure (or your brain begging for an extra hour of sleep).

Creating new constraints on your schedule will not only affect you, it will also affect your social life, and it’s not always easy to find the right balance. As a result, 80% of this new-year-resolution crowd drops before the end of February.

you can do it

Procrastination is a very strong enemy and while we’re not all impacted in the same way, sticking to a schedule is probably one of the most efficient ways to fight it, so stick to it! 🙂

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