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sort of back to school

Hey! It’s been a while. I went back to school to finish a pesky degree after concluding a rather lengthy internship of 15 months. Here’s how that’s going (if you don’t care, you probably want to move the next post).

My internship started in July of 2015 and ended September this year. I chose to forgo that precious summer holidays at both ends for no major reason other than I like keeping busy (and getting paid). Spending an abnormally large amount of time in industry for a placement has done a lot for me as a student.

It wasn’t until returning to the student life I left that I took notice of and appreciated the ways in which I had changed. Deadlines, as an example, are no longer something to dread, instead now they pass with little fanfare or ado. A benefit of having developed an ability to plan and estimate effectively and, more importantly, actually execute a plan more than 24 hours before being absolutely necessary.

Having enjoyed industry orders of magnitude more than academia there was the temptation to never return. Although cutting my losses on £20k of student loans and final year education (which has turned out a lot more engaging, so far) seemed, then and now, impulsive and short-sighted.

Instead I chose to have my cake and eat it. I still work at MetaBroadcast on a part time basis. Juggling between Holborn and Canterbury has, so far, not proved too much to handle. In fact if anything the opportunity to do both keeps me and my short attention span stimulated with new challenges far too often to get bored of either.

The point of any of this? If you’re an undergrad, I highly recommend an industrial placement. If your course offers one you should take it. It’s a brilliant opportunity to improve skills that make your final year much smoother and an equally great chance to confirm you haven’t picked the wrong career.

If you can prove yourself worthy of, and acquire, an industrial placement with MetaBroadcast and continue doing so afterwards then you’re more or less golden. That’s all for now!

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