reason 13570 to join metabroadcast: scorching heat, cool affogato

When you look closely at MetaBroadcast, you’ll discover we work with all major UK broadcasters, be it to advance our global video & audio index, Atlas (with its upcoming Deer release and 4.0 API), analyse big data sets, or create bold prototypes that often are a window into serious R&D.

You’ll also learn we power RadioTimes, we’re no strangers to the music industry, we work with the no. 1 UK website, we partner with the wonderful people of the Press Association, we get involved in government initiatives, we collaborate with film production houses of late, and we run data visualisations around large global and current events.

We use an array of cool tools, new technologies, and cool toys, we’re into minimalist Java, we put a lot of thought into API design and exploration, service monitoring, and choosing the right database for the right product. Our services are used by thousands of developers, our blog posts are featured on Hacker News and our open source contributions are giving back to the community.

And then some: having a Happiness Officer on board, looking for an Office Genie, working in a cool office that we keep upgrading in the heart of Bloomsbury where we host movie nights and pool nights soon, believing in the power of cake so much so that it’s top of our contact page, having awesome Away Days and Foodie Fridays and celebrating every year that each person spends in the job, and every bubbly success of the team.

The latest in this line of firsts, with the scorching, if belated advent of summer in London, and the addition of our very accommodating, very pink fridge, is none other than the perfect Italian summer delight, affogato. We never lost hope that, in the summer, London might get… half as hot as Rome 😉 So we kept ice cream handy, and what do you know? We’re less than ten degreess behind Rome!

affogato metabroadcast

And if this isn’t your cup of coffee (perhaps because you’re a tea drinker?), we’ve got ice cubes so that anyone can meet the heat with an ice coffee or an ice tea. Plus plenty more reasons for you to join, and no less than five open positions. Let’s talk!

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