#radfest10: atlas now produces metadata for radioplayer

Radioplayer was launched today at the Radio Festival with a demo of the first five radio stations that have added content. We have flirted with this brilliant project for months now, on and off, and are proud to have been able to contribute before the launch. We were hugely excited when the BBC selected MetaBroadcast to build their BBC Radio 2 demo. In the process we tweaked Atlas to work seamlessly with Radioplayer, so now the open source video & audio index produces the right metadata.

radioplayer demo bbc radio 2

We’d be very happy to share more of the experience over our famous tea & cakes and see how we can help other radio stations up their game for Radioplayer. Chris, Ben, and I have all worked in radio at some point in our lives, so speaking the language is second nature (if not a virus), and staying in touch with the industry adds the silver lining for our entire team. Talk to us 🙂

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Want to know more? Watch a Radioplayer screencast from its CEO, Michael Hill/ @radiomikehill:

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