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I have a confession to make. I don’t watch live TV. In fact I rarely even watch on-demand TV these days. I go through phases of subscribing to Netflix, but quickly exhaust the few shows that may interest me. I then tend to leave it for a few months before coming back to it.

I don’t have a TV License (as I don’t watch live TV) and I don’t watch iPlayer, All4 or any other catch up services, but at the time of writing I am legally allowed to, but that could all change. I’ve heard rumblings in the news that this “loophole” will soon be closed. I have no problem with that, after all, it’s not exactly fair to make people that watch live TV pay for content and allow people who choose to watch it on demand to get it for free.

My concern stems from the fact that I could be forced to buy a TV License simply because iPlayer is freely available online in the UK, and I happen to have internet access. I have no issue with paying for content that I consume, but being forced to pay for content I don’t wish to consume leaves a sour taste. To me that seems as crazy as forcing people to pay to read my blog, just because they have the ability to do so.

This problem could easily be solved by forcing iPlayer users to log into an account and link it with their TV License. Essentially this would make iPlayer a subscription service which I’m not sure is something the BBC wants to do, but it would solve the problem fairly in my opinion.

I guess only time will tell how this situation will turn out, and with current events as they are it seems a fairly trivial matter, but definitely something to think about.

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