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one year down

Last week marked my first year at metabroadcast! It seems to have flown by and feels more like a week than a year. I thought I would write a little reflective piece on how my last year has gone.

every day is a diverse and ever-changing school day

I have always been a fan of learning on the job as I think it really helps cement the knowledge in your head. So to say I have learned a lot in my time here is quite an understatement. The variety of projects I have worked on have helped me hone my previous skills, and also learn a lot of new ones too.

I have recently worked on my first node.js project, which has been great as it’s something I have wanted to get my hands on for a while. I got through it with a little hand holding from some node veterans, but I love how I have the freedom to dive in and learn the language while working on something cool.

Previous to this I was working on design project, an old favorite of mine. I started my journey into the web as a designer and it still is a real passion of mine. So to be coding on one project, to designing on the next is as good as it gets in my mind!

Aside from all of this I have learned a lot of things I never thought I would. I have gained an understanding of Java to help with code reviews, looked at how aws works and how we use it, and obviously a great knowledge on how API’s work

all of the fun

As you might know, every three months at MetaBroadcast we all go out for a day of interesting activities, food, drinks and end it with #MetaBeers. This has been one of my favorite parts so far, mostly because it’s helped me do things and see parts of London I normally wouldn’t have the time or thought to go to.

These include The Royal Observatory, The National Gallery, The Comedy Museum, The Globe Theatre, The Tate Modern, boat rides down the Thames, Sir John Soane’s Museum and more! I definitely look forward to discovering more!

it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

To mark my first year at metabroadcast, the team threw me my first metaversary! If you are unfamiliar, a metaversary is basically a birthday party to celebrate your time at the company. There is always a theme that is something the cat is into.

So what was my theme? The Great British Bake Off! Which isn’t surprising as I kept banging on about it when the last season aired. I became the head chef, complete with hat, and all the other cats were split into teams. The teams then had to make 8 small cheesecakes each, using a wide variety of ingredients and toppings for me to judge!

Once I chose the winner, the next stage was the make me one big cheesecake to take home using the rest of the ingredients. It may have seemed like a bit of a mash of stuff at the time, but it tasted great and didn’t last more than a few hours once I got it home!

on to the second

So thats a brief summary of my first year at metabroadcast. All in all it’s been a great year and I look forward to what’s ahead for the next!

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