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one thing, from the bbc knowledge & learning creative studio

A couple of weeks back I wrote about attending the BBC iPlayer Creative Studio with Chris. Eager to go to another Connected Studio event, I wondered when that might be. Well it turns out I didn’t have to wait long. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the Creative Studio for the BBC’s upcoming Knowledge & Learning product. This time it was up in Salford, at the BBC’s fantastic new offices in MediaCityUK.

shiny salford – glasgow and cardiff too!

Well I say it was up in Salford, but it was in Glasgow and Cardiff too! Yes, the event was split across three locations with a live video link throughout the day. This meant everyone got to see the same opening presentations and all the pitches from every location, which created a fantastic feeling of being part of something bigger. Much kudos to the BBC for pulling off such as slick, multi-site event. Though I was glad to be in Salford, as the breakfast was excellent…

the idea

This time I worked in a team of two, with Kai En Ong, a Creative Director, UX&D at the BBC. Kai had a fantastically simple but very powerful idea: an app that sends you one thing to learn about every day. That one thing would be a short package of content that takes about 7 mins to complete, topically driven from news, what’s on tv and what you’ve already looked at and liked.

the pitch

Having worked the idea through a little, Kai put together some sketches and I thought about how it could be built. It turns out that with much of the work we’ve been doing on topics recently, we could do just that. Buoyed by the positive reaction we’d had at the user testing session, we put together our pitch.

the competition

The competition was certainly tough though. All in all, there were 40 pitches across the three sites!

Wall O'Pitch
Kai’s photo of the pitch board

As each pitch was 2 mins long, this meant there were nearly two hours worth of ideas, all focussed on things the BBC could do with its Knowledge & Learning content.

I think our idea has legs though. Fingers crossed it gets through to the next stage. I’d certainly love to get the chance to prototype it at the Build Studio. We’ll know within the week, wish us good luck!

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