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my top restaurants discovered through FF

Since I joined MetaBroadcast now almost seven months ago, every Friday we have an opportunity to spoil our taste buds while tasting something new. As every week, the person who wins the Foodie Friday vote can choose the cuisine that everyone will enjoy on Friday. Therefore, I thought that it would be an excellent idea to summarise my favourite Foodie Friday choices.

grilled meat

Hiba Express is a nice Lebanese restaurant. Before Foodie Friday I hadn’t tried Lebanese cuisine, and I was surprised how tasty it is. One of my favourite dishes is shish taouk—grilled chicken similar to Turkish kebabs but, in my opinion, Hibab Express know how to grill their meat better. Halloumi and Falafel also are on my favourite Lebanese food list.

Foodie Friday Pic 1


Any size, any shape with any toppings but thin would describe my true love of pizza. I have enjoyed a lot of pizzas here at MetaBroadcast, some of our favourite pizza places are Princi, Pizza Express and Malletti. So far, I think my favourite is Princi. Amazing pizzas that come in huge squares and my favourite pizzas are Salami Gorgonzola and Quatro Formagi.

the variety

Barriga de Porco Grelhada a delicious pork belly in Portugese style that reminds me how much I love pork belly dishes. Even though I have tried “Portuguese” food before, but according to Rita, Nandos doesn’t serve Portuguese food. For a taste of Asian cuisine, I love the chilli squid from Wagamama, but nothing can beat Pork Katsu Curry & Mixed Leaf Salad from Eat Tokyo, plus the portion size was perfect! Also, it was nice that the curry sauce was served separate from the pork and rice.

Foodie Friday

more to come

I have enjoyed Portuguese, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian and other countries’ cuisines that have allowed me to discover something new and tasty. I chose my favourite places from a long list, so it’s possible that my list of favourites continues to grow over the time.

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