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my thoughts on captain america: civil war

spoiler alert

I am going to discuss some of the scenes from the movie in this post and share my thoughts about these scenes. Therefore, if you have not watched the movie until now, please stop reading this post and continue to read only after you watched the movie. However before you go, here’s my verdict about the movie: It’s surely worth a watch after the disappointment of BvS and if you are an ardent follower of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), then it’s a must watch.

the highlight

The highlight of the movie is a 6 on 6 battle between the two superhero teams, Team Iron-Man and Team Captain America. Team Rogers consists of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. Team Stark consists of Iron-Man, Black Widow, Vision, War Machine, Black Panther, and finally……..wait……for…, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

This movie marks the debut of Spiderman in MCU and the beginning of collaboration between Marvel and Sony Pictures (after the failure of the Spiderman reboot, The Amazing Spiderman series). Spiderman fighting alongside Team Stark could mean that he has signed the Sokovia Accords (treaty put forward by UN, which will control the actions of all the superheroes) because according to the previous scenes the superheroes won’t be able to jump into action without UN’s permission. This is an interesting development considering that there are plans for standalone Spiderman movies (Spiderman – The Homecoming) and signing the accord could cause major roadblocks for story development in those movies. I am eager to watch how the storyline fits into the MCU and what happens to Sokovia Accords.

the flashback

It’s kind of inevitable that there will be a flashback scene in this genre of movie and in most cases these scenes play a vital role. The vital scene comes in the flashback of Winter Soldier, where he assassinates Tony Stark’s parents in 1991. To begin with, it’s completely odd that the whole scene is captured by a security cam in the middle of nowhere and that S.H.I.E.L.D had known this all along. Then, if you notice closely, the whole assassination takes place in less than 1 minute where Bucky as Winter Soldier (controlled by Hydra) kills Howard Stark. and his wife and steals the serum for high functioning humans. Finally, how can one of the most influential and richest person in the world travel with no security at late night in the middle of nowhere?

the 3rd act

After the battle royale between Team Iron man and Team Captain America, which took place at the Berlin Airport, Germany. Captain America and Bucky fly to Siberia to confront Helmut Zemo and potentially clashing with other superhumans created by Hydra in 1991. In the meantime, Tony Stark flies from Germany to the US to treat War Machine and watch him recover. Later, he identifies that the person responsible for the attack on UN was Zemo and not Bucky as previously suspected. Then, he flies to somewhere in pacific ocean to meet with the rest of the avengers who are now held captive for not signing Sokovia Accord and supporting Steve Rogers. He then confesses to Falcon that he was wrong and gets the information about Steve’s whereabouts and then finally flies out to Serbia to assist Bucky and Steve in taking down Zemo. It’s kind of odd that both of them reach Hydra’s hideout within few minutes of each other. It’s also super odd that Zemo had predicted that both Stark and Rogers will be there at the same time.

I guess watching a movie and more importantly enjoying it depends on accepting that storyline is filled with ifs and buts and viewers have to overlook these to enjoy the grandeur experience.

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